This is what happens when Hedo Turkoglu has meat lover’s pizza before a game.

(via CJ Fogler)

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  1. There’s no reason for bitching about a lob that he probably could’ve gotten over going for the loose ball.

  2. He didn’t even try to jump. Oh, wait – this is not a Dunk Contest, why bother. D12 is just getting annoying with the bitching. Just play the game dude. You don’t see Blake ot Kobe or anybody else bitch over a miscalculated oop pass. Sheesh….

  3. He is by no means a leader and a franchise player. He should be traded to the Celtics so KG culd slap im around a few times to get his sh*t together. Fo me it is just another example of great player, bad leader.

  4. keep working on those PG skills, Tas

  5. No one else finds it funny that 4 Wizards couldn’t come up with the rebound? LOL at McGee’s reaction and the dude staring him down.

  6. LMAO, the Wiz. One dude falls over, the other dude mounts him, and other faceplants but doesn’t even reach out for the ball.

  7. The Rashard Lewis appearance around the 19 second mark is my favorite part.

  8. Yeah the funniest part is how 4 Wizards didn’t manage to get the ball with zero resistance.

    Wankers of the Week indeed.

  9. The 30-foot lob attempt was more accurate than some 15-foot free throw attempts.

  10. You idiot, Hedo only eats CHEESE pizza, remember??

  11. LOL dwight didnt have to do run back on D… he let the wizards muck it up!!
    Also…. i dunno if its me or not, but i’m seeing dwight look very unimpressed this season playing on the magic.

  12. Dwight and Big Baby Davis deserve each other.

  13. Dwight is embarrassed that he missed the dunk, and so he is more concerned about his ego than making the next play / getting the loose ball.

    He’s a dirty player so this looks good on him.

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