Either Knicks fans want Iman Shumpert to play over Toney Douglas or this is a very obscure, oddly-placed callback to seasons 4-8 of “King of Queens.” Both are New York-centric, so both are equally feasible.

Can’t decide which is more appropriate, so I’ll leave that up to you guys to decide.

(via Ben Golliver)

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  1. Well, i give the joke a 6 out of 10 for the effort and for dropping King of Queens. I really love that show.

    And Shump Shump was the only one fun to watch in that game.

  2. And the Knicks back court continues to struggle. Pretty soon will it be “We want Billups”?

  3. Those idiots in new Yorl do realize that he is out for 5ish weeks because he strained his MCL? Right? Idiots, they want him out so he can tear his ACL and destroy his knees like Brandon Roy. # supididioticknicsfans

  4. Funny how they boo when they hear his name on draft night, and now when I play NBA 2K online, every Knicks fan is crazy about Shumpert. Also funny how he played in one full game and went three for ten shooting. Knicks fans are funny

  5. He’s a great player and he proved it last night but the fans just jump back and forth, its quite amusing

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