Back when the Chris Paul trade finally went down, we all got to see Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan celebrate the arrival of Chris Paul by bro-hugging and giddily exclaiming, “Lob City!!!” It was a nice moment — unless you’re Eric Gordon, Chris Kaman and Al-Farouq Aminu — and it was fun to see these guys so happy about something that will make them better at basketball. Plus, we got several good-but-not-great t-shirts out of it. All around, a big win for the Clippers.

Except Blake Griffin wishes he never would have said it. From ESPN:

In a city that thrives on entertainment and excitement, there may be no better show right now than “Lob City,” an endearing nickname that accurately describes this team’s most exciting play and one that the Clippers have actually grown to despise.

“It’s unfortunate,” Griffin said. “It’s one of those things where we understand it, but that’s not what we’re about. Before the game we’re not going out thinking, ‘All right, its Lob City tonight.’ We’re just trying to win games and trying to get better.” [...]

“If anybody says it in [the locker room], it’s just a joke, making fun of the whole thing,” Griffin said. “It’s not on our minds at all.”

You know how you can tell when something is not on your mind? When you’re making jokes about it in the locker room. That’s a telltale sign that you’re not thinking about something for sure.

This is what happens in the 21st century. In a fit of joy, a 22-year-old kid got pumped up to play with one of the best point guards ever, said something that is really just a mediocre joke, had it recorded by some random camera and saw it become his team’s nickname. There’s no way that could happen 10 years ago and there’s no way that could happen now without it ending up as the team’s nickname. The second “Lob City” came out of Blake Griffin’s mouth, that was the Clipper’s new nickname.

I don’t see what the big deal is though. Even if everybody on the team hates it, at least it’s an identity. Outside of being known as the worst franchise in NBA history, that’s not something the Clippers have ever really had. Given the two choices — worst team ever or Lob City — I think I’d go with the not totally horrible one.

Not to mention, they do catch a lot of lobs.

(via SportsGrid)

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  1. dude totally ripped off Rip City.

  2. What the heck is a “Clipper” anyways?

    as in hair clipper? nail clipper?

  3. Lob City. It’s like Rap City, with less rapping and more lobbing.

  4. It’s a ship. “Laker” is an even more vague concept. I don’t think Griffin said anything about hating the name. He just regrets that other people see the team as nothing but lobs and dunks due to the name. But then again the Clippers get capped on no matter what they do. Even if the team wins a championship, and that’s a big “if”, then someone is likely to say that Donald Sterling is terrible. There’s always something bad to say about the franchise. Just like there’s always room for JELL-O.

  5. OH Snap, whats a knickerbocker?

  6. Don’t forget the early aught’s Clipshow

  7. How about Blowlob, since the team historically blows, and the blowing came (no pun intended) before the lobbing. Thought for food.

  8. How about Lob-Laws? I hear they have good wedges, really good salmon, and plenty of sour grapes…..

  9. The Bob Loblaws. Then Scott Baio can be their mascot and they can say “Bob Loblaw Lobs Law Bomb”.

  10. If Blake cared so much, he wouldn’t be so moody on the court and would run back on defense. I have no idea how Chris Paul cusses out DeAndre more than Blake about that stuff on the court.

  11. Just stop catching lobs and play super boring basketball and I guarantee the nickname will disappear.

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