Yesterday, we had a looksy at a bunch of throwback jerseys that a few teams around the league will be wearing. But today, courtesy of Uni Watch, we get to check out the best of the bunch — a mismatched green-and-yellow Memphis Tams getup that the Grizzlies will be wearing for a few games this season. They’re phenomenal.

First time we saw these, they were on the side of a screengrab from NBA 2K12. Now that we get to really see what they’re all about. I couldn’t be happier with the results. This is exactly what a novelty throwback uniform should be. They’re delightfully weird, historically accurate and the kind of thing you would never see in 2011, which makes seeing them a handful of times a year exciting.

In today’s world, where every mascot is an animal, concept or environmental force, it’s nice to be able to transport back to a time when a team could be named after a Scottish bonnet and wear uniforms that don’t match. The only bad thing is that Zach Randolph is hurt and might miss out on a chance to look hilarious in these.

Full specs after the jump. Your comments are appreciated.

(via UniWatch)