Ballin: It’s always fun to watch Brandon Jennings’ one high-scoring, high-efficiency game of the season. Last night was no different, as the Bucks point guard put up 31 points on better than 50 percent shooting, made six threes, had seven assists, five steals and just generally did cool Brandon Jennings stuff without the bad Brandon Jennings stuff that makes you think he might just be a worse Nick Van Exel.

Not so much: All of us who watched all three overtimes of that Heat-Hawks game. The lockout was supposed to completely kill fan support, but here we are, watching a terrible basketball game go 15 extra minutes while missing out on a great first half of Lakers-Blazers. We’re so stupid.

Recycled joke from last night that I still think is funny: The only guy who didn’t want that Heat-Hawks game to end was Chris Bosh.

Could Charles Barkley be any smoother on the mic?: Brands are always looking for ways to get integrated in to successful shows, so I’m sure Weight Watchers loved hearing their name come up organically last night.

As Kelly Dwyer at Ball Don’t Lie said, we love this. Chuck’s the best.

Nice going, Bucks: Milwaukee had a 21-point lead going in to the second half and a 14-point lead heading in to the fourth quarter, so things were looking pretty good for Skeets’ pick. However, because he sided with Stephen Jackson, the Bucks blew the lead, going nearly four minutes without scoring a point. Not a good look.

Something that is a good look: Beno Udrih’s grey padded undershirt.

Just kidding.

An Ivan Johnson challenge: Name which of these colleges Ivan Johnson didn’t play at — University of Oregon, Los Angeles Southwest Junior College, South Central Louisiana State University, Cisco Junior College. Answer down below.

Bad Mavericks stats: With two minutes left in the first half, the Spurs had made nine threes while the Mavs had made just nine total field goals. The Mavericks missed 13 straight threes to start the game and saw Dirk Nowitzki go 24 minutes between made shots. Last night was the third time in eight games that the Mavericks have trailed by 26 or more points. Pretty good start to the season, all things considered.

Other things: The Lakers didn’t make a three-pointer last night, the first time that’s happened since November of 2003 … Chris Bosh said that three he made to tie up the game in regulation was a “lucky shot,” which I guess is true because it was very bad luck for us since we had another terrible 15 minutes to watch after that … Some guy named Terrel Harris played 44 minutes for the Heat last night … Matt Bonner had more points than Dirk Nowitzki and Tim Duncan combined. By the transitive property, this makes him the best power forward of all-time … Ivan Johnson never played for South Central Louisiana State University because that is where Bobby Boucher went to school in “The Waterboy”