On today’s audio-only show, Skeets and Tas break down the big winners and losers of the NBA weekend, including the back-to-back-to-back winning Thunder, the defensive-minded 76ers, that questionable starting lineup in Minnesota, and the laughing stock Washington Gener— um, Wizards. All that, plus erotic tales from Medieval Times, emo Bill Walton, and Shane Battier gets a new name (six months ago).


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Comments (11)

  1. Tas: “Sign my wench’s breasts! Do it!”

    On that note, congrats, man. Had no idea you’d gotten hitched. No wonder you were complaining about the long, cold nights on the NSR tour.

  2. bulls defeat aka “the thing we do not speak of”

  3. “Trial by error.” Love the newest Skeetsism. That should be on a t-shirt below “TBJ Live,
    Season 1.” Great show guys!

  4. You guys should have done a throwback show taping it back in your condo.

  5. Audio only, but i can download the video? u no get my banwith!!!!

  6. I watches te sixers last night for the first time after listening to this….they do look good and the type of team that could run the current celtics out of the building.

  7. Also please please don’t stop saying battier

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