It’s wicked early, but Andrew Bynum is having the best season of his short, injury-plagued career. Through six games, Bynum’s putting up his best per 36 scoring numbers, rebounding at a higher rate than any other year and just generally enjoying everything that comes along with the highest usage rate of his career. Sure, some Grizzlies player will probably roll in to his knees at some point this year, but for now, Andrew Bynum is absolutely killing it for the Lakers.

And according to Kwame Brown, that’s all because of Kwame Brown. From the Sacramento Bee:

“That was my young fella,” Brown said. “I taught him everything he knows.” [...]

“I’m one of the better defenders in the league and we played against each other every day in practice,” Brown said. “I told him if you can score against me, you can score on anyone.”

I know what you’re thinking — Kwame Brown and Andrew Bynum haven’t played together in almost four years and only were teammates for two-and-a-half seasons. And furthermore, Kwame Brown is Kwame Brown. That’s probably most what you were thinking.

You are right to be thinking that, I’d say. Maybe we are underrating Kwame Brown’s defensive abilities a bit, but I don’t think we’re underrating them that much. He’s a fine defender, but certainly not the second coming of Bill Russell, which the Kwame kamp has been preaching the last few months. Scoring on Kwame might be tough, but it’s not squeezing a hook past 2004 Ben Wallace.

Maybe Andrew Bynum’s development has come from the fact that he is a) really good at basketball and b) playing his seventh professional basketball season at the still-young age of 24. You might think I’m crazy, but I’m of the mind that those two things put together might be the reason that Andrew Bynum keeps getting better and better, not that he practiced against Kwame Brown when he was 19.

However, if Andrew Bynum gets really, really good at stealing birthday cakes and throwing them at people’s faces, then we can definitely give Kwame Brown all of the credit in the world. He deserves that much.

(via The Post Game)