Yesterday, the Timberwolves really took it to the Wizards, which isn’t really that impressive considering they already have four losses by 10 or more points, but still. The ball was moving, the Wolves scored 104 points per 100 possessions (one of their best marks of the year) and they tied their season high in assists with 22. All in all, great showing. Even if it was against the Wizards.

It was also the first game of the season that the Wolves played without Michael Beasley, who missed the game with a sprained right foot. According to Kevin Love, that might not be a coincidence. From the Minneapolis Star-Tribune:

Timberwolves coach Rick Adelman emerged after Sunday’s 93-72 victory ended their two-game losing streak and remarked how the ball moved better offensively against the Wizards that afternoon than it had before in this still young season.

So with the starting lineup modified to compensate for the absence of injured Michael Beasley, just why was that?

“Um,” Wolves forward Kevin Love said, “Mike being out?”

That might seem harsh but he was just “joking.”

He smiled as he said that and then added “I’m just kidding” twice.

Sure, Kevin Love. You were just making jokes. A likely story. People always say that 50 percent of jokes are based in truth and I think that’s probably the case here. Maybe even more than 50 percent, since that seems kind of arbitrary.

And that’s the thing, this “joke” is really true. Beasley is a ball-stopper. He loves dribbling almost as much as he loves making bad decisions in the summer. Among forwards who have played at least 200 minutes this season, his assist rate is 12th-worst. That’s worse than than Andray Blatche, just to give you an indication of how little Michael Beasley passes.

So yeah, Kevin Love was “kidding” but he wasn’t really kidding. Classic backhanded zing technique. Very well done.