Ballin: Tyreke Evans put up 28 points on 16 shots, added eight assists and even rolled an ankle but didn’t let it faze him because he’s mad tough. Outside of not winning the game, pretty smart performance.

Not so much: Rashard Lewis, I guess. He got in a fight with Sam Cassell — understandable, I suppose — and refused to play against the Timberwolves. This might seem like the bottom, but I’m not even sure that’s the case.

Happier bad Wizards news: If that story bums you out, maybe you’ll enjoy this fantastic missed dunk from Friday’s game against the Knicks.

I like it way better when the Wizards are funny bad, rather than sad bad. Sad bad is bad, funny bad is good. That’s your new Wizards slogan.

And this: According to the Washington Post’s Michael Lee, Wizards fans screamed “Don’t do it, Flip!” and “No!” as Andray Blatche went to the scorer’s table to check in. This is the bad Wizards news we need.

Pretty cool: Of the Suns’ first 10 scores in yesterday’s 109-93 win over the Bucks, Steve Nash assisted on nine of the baskets. He scored the other one.

Fouls on fouls on fouls: Dwight Howard had just five points and four rebounds in the Magic’s win against the Kings, his first single-single since March of 2010 and just his eighth since Stan Van Gundy got the Orlando job, all because he was in foul trouble for most of the game. Of course, Dwight ended up with just four personals so maybe Stan Van Gundy should have let him live.

This is not C.J. Watson: Nope. That’s Gabe Pruitt.

Nice try, ESPN.

League Pass alert: Any time Bill Walton is calling a Kings game, you need to watch. Last night’s outing against the Magic was incredible, all ending with Walton basically apologizing to all the coaches that got fired because Walton missed so many games when he was a player. It came out of nowhere but it was really great. Must-watch television.

Young legs: According to Mr. Tweet of the Week, Leigh Ellis, the Thunder were the first team to sweep all three games of a back-to-back-to-back. It’s almost like these youngity youngsters aren’t going to be that affected by playing three games in three nights.

Other things: Amir Johnson tearing Elton Brand’s jersey is hilarious, just to hear Jack Armstrong call Johnny Depp “Ed Scissorhands” … Eric Maynor is out for the season after tearing his right ACL, which would be really bad if the Thunder hadn’t released Nate Robinson before the season. Oh wait … Here are some great dunks from 2011 … Don’t put Icy Hot on your foot then put it in to ice water, I guess. Just ask Quentin Richardson