Tim Tebow is the biggest sports story in the whole world right now. 316/3:16, am I right? Spooky.

Naturally, this football stuff has crossed over in to our precious NBA, where we saw two very different responses to Tebow’s seemingly predestined overtime victory against the Pittsburgh Steelers. First, the gentlemanly response from Suns coach Alvin Gentry, courtesy of Valley of the Suns via True Hoop:

“I’d like to start this off by saying, to all you Tebow haters: Take that.

That’s right, that’s right. For all you guys, all of those expert analysts out there who say he can’t do this and can’t pass, can’t run a pro offense, take that.

It just amazes me how the guy wins games, but everybody just kills the guy. I’m sure they’ll find a way to say bad things about this one, too, but he’s going and he’s playing again next week. That’s my team in case you didn’t know it.”

Exactly what you’d expect from a true Broncos fan. “In your faces” and all that jazz. Well played, Alvin Gentry.

Then there’s the Kobe Bryant-ly response, which comes from Kobe Bryant, strangely enough. From the Los Angeles Times:

“If he was an asshole,” Bryant said, “he would tell you right now to kiss his ass.”

And this is exactly what you’d expect from a true Kobe Bryant fan. Not quite as graceful as Gentry’s playful scolding of Tebow haters, but still a very valid response. If Tebow were the complete opposite of Tim Tebow, he’d be doing exactly what Kobe Bryant said he’d be doing. And not coincidentally, this is exactly what Kobe Bryant would be doing.

In fact, if I were guessing, I think Kobe Bryant would love to be Tim Tebow for a few days, just so he could tell people to “kiss his ass” for doubting him. Just a hunch but I feel like he’d really enjoy that.