Ep. 736: Bring Da Ruckus

On today’s live edition of “The Fix,” Skeets and Tas play everyone’s new favorite party game, “Wu-Tang Member or NBA Player,” as well as discuss the “Andrea Bargnani, 2012 All-Star” campaign, Thaddeus Young’s deflections, Philly’s Jrue-Lou-Vu combo, Iggy’s passing, how the Knicks aren’t as good as their record, poor Meredith Markovits, Barkley on SNL, disappointing players, and whether Kevin Love is the best forward in the game like he says he is. Enjoy.

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Comments (22)

  1. Wu-Tang or NBA player was awesome

    keep up the good work fellas

  2. The audio and video are off sync

  3. Any else have delayed audio for the video?

  4. We’re aware of the audio/video sync glitch, guys. Looks like it’s on YouTube’s end (likely happened in the uploading/processing part.) We’re workin’ on a fix right now, but if you really want a clean-ass version of the show, I’d suggest you download the show from iTunes.

  5. Yeah, we’re working on the fix for the YouTube version – should be complete later in the afternoon. If you want to see it otherwise, this link works: http://podcastmedia.thescore.com/TBJ_EPISODE_736_grid.mp4

  6. Hahah, think you should keep it going with rap groups / bands vs NBA. That’s awesome. No one knows their real names anyway.

  7. Tas breaking out all sorts of references to the Wire lately

  8. Awesome Wu-Tang game

  9. Seriously? Kevin Love the best PF in the league? That has to be the idiotic statement I’ve heard in my life. He has lost over 75% of his games as a professional basketball player. Stats don’t mean shit without wins, and you guys know that as much as anyone.

    Other than that, great show, keep it up.

    • Yeah, sure, because basketball is an individual sport and the fact that Love is on a terrible team has nothing to do with it. Reminder : this is the same franchise even Garnett couldn’t bring to the playoffs after 2004.
      I mean : Luke Walton has a better win/loss record than most of the NBA and some titles to boot… Does that make him better, than, say, Demar DeRozan? No, it doesn’t.

  10. Just plopped in theScore video player. Hopefully that one syncs up.

  11. I think Bosh or LMA prob are better PF (right now) than K. Love.

  12. … and now we have the new and synced up version of YouTube up.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

  13. What happened to having songs bump in and out of breaks? Am I imagining that you guys used to have different tracks each episode?

    Also, Wu Tang Member of NBA player (esp the bonner pic) was fantastic.

  14. Watching the TBJ while eating lunch makes for the perfect afternoon routine. Word is bond.

  15. Leigh, bring the crew to Melbourne in September during the off-season.

    We’ll get to an Aussie Rules final, swing through town for some karaoke, and find JD a decent strip club.

  16. Am I the only one not getting what’s with this guy standing in the way of Trey?

  17. Good show! I think LMA is doing more for his team at the PF spot than Love although love is a phenomenal talent. I really like the new show! I liked Jaryd Bayless as a Blazer when he was here but he’s another young guy that’s going to be much, much better with a year or more to develop. Can score in bunches and fast as Aaron Brooks. I’ve also got to admit that I really, really underestimated the Sixers and Suns this season. Was a great game against the Sixers at the Rose Garden and they are deep, unselfish and play a balanced game. Rubio has been playing ball for quiet awhile now in Spain, I don’t think of him as so much of a rookie. Guy is going to be another Steve Nash. He looks a lot like Pistol Pete though.

  18. What’s the song that cuts in @ 20:28?

  19. Also of note: in that Knicks win Christmas Day, they also only won by 2 despite benefiting from fourth quarter techs that were rescinded after and with Paul Pierce out so Melo’s lack of defense didn’t hurt them (he had to play Pavlovic). The most overhyped, ridiculous offseason media story was Tyson Chandler for defensive player of the year. I saw it printed in SI. I saw it online on ESPN. Everyone was prediciting it. A) there’s no way that defense will be a top ten defense at year’s end. B) He doesn’t have the skills to amass the stats that it would take for him to win that award on a mediocre defense.

  20. Love all day baby. Sound fundamentals.

  21. Love Trey’s look at the camera at 17:47.

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