Ballin: Tyson Chandler turned in a 20-point game, his second of the season, and made his first seven shots on the way to doing so. He also added 13 rebounds, three blocks and three steals. Considering Boris Diaw was destroying Amar’e Stoudemire like an understaffed buffet, we can give most of the credit for New York holding Charlotte to just 93.1 points per 100 possessions to Tyson Chandler and whoever is in charge of the Bobcats.

Not so much: Jason Maxiell, future All-Star, went 1-12 from the field. It’s the first time he’s taken more than 10 shots since March 21, 2010 and there’s probably a reason for that.

In your face: But also kind of in your face, Anthony Randolph.


Decent start: In last night’s Brian Scalabrine-led trouncing of the Pistons, Derrick Rose scored or assisted on the Bulls’ first 15 points. M-V-P. M-V-P.

No one man should have all that pasta: Andrea Bargnani, again, you guys. 31 and nine, plus this move.

I don’t know. Feel like it needs a few more fakes.

Dink doink dunk: I don’t know if you saw Jason Maxiell miss a dunk to the max, but it was incredible. You will never forget it.

Quick contest: Let’s see who can make most stereotypically Italian face. Go.

You win, Danilo Gallinari.

Get that weak paella out of here: Obviously, Ricky Rubio is the NBA’s new best player of all-time. However, he had his shot blocked three times last night, with each of them being pretty emphatic rejections. Let’s just assume this is part of a long con to make his fakes even better.

Almost blown: Geez, the Knicks. Could you be living any more dangerously? If D.J. Augustin had realized how wide-open he was, he’d probably take his time and knock down that game-tying three. Cool terrible double team, Landry Fields.

Other things: This guy says wassup … Since Carmelo Anthony fell down, we contractually have to call this Gerald Henderson dunk a “posterization.” It’s not, but those are the rules … Five straight wins for the 76ers, but last night’s victory over the Pacers was their first real win of the year. But even that might not count since Danny Granger and George Hill were out for Indiana. Still, nice start … I just turned on the TV and the last two minutes of the Raptors-Timberwolves game is still going on … Your dad went to the White House yesterday