Considering the fact that there are 21,000 people standing on their feet and screaming at the top of their lungs for a human victory cigar, it’s pretty impressive — though I’m not willing to admit that’s the right word for it — that Stacey King’s “White Mamba” exaltations are the most ridiculous thing about this clip.

Well, that and Brian Scalabrine deciding a fadeaway 5-footer on a breakaway is the best means of scoring his first points at home on the season. Those two things are equally silly.

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  1. his correct nickname is “Ginger Ninja”, Mr. King.

  2. Whoa, LUUUUUC!!!

    Regarding Scalabrine — you gotta love a crowd that cheers those who deserve it, even though there might be a tiny bit of irony involved.

  3. The coolest part is that he makes the shot :)))

  4. Goooooooooo Scabs!!!

  5. Scalabrine has the best job in the world. You get paid to watch basketball all year long and you even get to play with absolutely no pressure because your team already won the game by the time you step on the court.

  6. I absolutely love listening to the crowd go nuts when Brian gets in a game and even crazier when he touches the ball, so to see him make a basket last night and the crowd is cheering like they just won the championship is great, but, can someone please tell me why do the Chicago fans go so crazy over this guy? I think it is great, but I also think Chicago has the best fans in the world, for any sport, but why so nuts over him?

    • I think it’s not the fans, it Scal? Fans used to go crazy in Boston too. There is something about that guy tho, maybe because he is the least NBA looking pro out there, and people just like to root for one of their own I guess?

  7. @BaraChat: Never thought of it this way….. Coooool, man!!! I wanna do that! :))))))

  8. @debbie

    Scalabrine has always been cheered heavily. It’s kind of a joke when people cheer for him. He only comes in when the game is over, so like Trey says, he is a ‘human victory cigar’. I think part of it has to do with race. I know when he was on the Celtics, he was the only white guy on the team and he couldn’t look more Irish (which fits the Celtics thing) so he became somewhat of a mascot for the team and a fan favorite. He talked some trash after the C’s won in the finals which was hilarious because of how many coach’s decisions he earned…I’m not sure if he even played in the finals. Boston fans would go nutso for him, cheering his name, rooting for him to take a shot. I suppose that tradition continued to Chicago. He’s a legitimately funny and seemingly nice guy in his interviews so he’s worth cheering for.

  9. Cheering for Scalabrine is one of my top 5 favorite NBA things ever.

  10. They should do a movie about ihm and have Michael Rappaport play the part :)))

  11. Trey, I challange you to a Photoshop battle. Scal in a movie :) hah

  12. As a Bulls fan, I think I can help explain the “White Mamba” phenomenon. Here’s a guy who is this unathletic looking ginger, who has one of the greatest attitudes in the game and gives it his absolute all every single second he’s on the court. He’s relatable in the fact that he’s not some super sexy superman that can bench press a car, just looks like an every day dude (minus being really fucking tall, but it’s hard to really see how tall he is unless you meet him in person).

    I remember the first time I saw him play a game for the Bulls, I wondered, “Who the hell is this random ginger?” Then he did some crazy jumping jacks type manouver and poked an inbound ball and dived for it. Ever since that point I liked him, then you add in all of the awesome personality stuff he’s done (his interviews with various team members), and his absolutely epic press conference when the Celtics won a championship with him, and it’s hard not to love this guy.

    It’s definitely not his skin color (there’s plenty of white guys that get hated on), it’s just his overall attitude and him being an underdog.

  13. When the Bulls play the Mavs, can I please get a garbage time match-up of the White Mamba vs The Custodian?

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