Earlier this week, the Mavericks got to meet Barack Obama because that’s what happens when you win the NBA championship. All the cool Mavs guys were there — Dirk, Jason, other Jason, Mark, Ian (eventually), Dad, Fake Steve Novak, Yawnser, High Five Guy — just laughing and having a great time.

Unfortunately, not everyone could be there. Because they’re on different teams or retired, dudes like DeShawn Stevenson, Caron Butler and Peja Stojakovic weren’t at the White House. And one guy, who just might have been the most important non-German Maverick, thinks he needs some payback from Mr. President because he wasn’t invited to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. From the New York Times:

Tyson Chandler’s former Dallas Mavericks teammates celebrated their championship at the White House on Monday morning. He admitted to a pang or two.

“It was disappointing,” said Chandler, who never received a serious offer from the Mavericks last month. “I know my wife was really looking forward to going to the White House and meeting the president.”

Chandler met President Obama during the 2008 campaign. He was supposed to play in Obama’s charity game in December before the lockout was settled. “He owes me a tour,” Chandler said, chuckling. “He owes me a one-on-one game. He owes me a lot right now. He owes me some more money back on my taxes.”

Wow. Barack Obama owes Tyson Chandler a lot of stuff. He made his wife mad and TyChan is making $13 million this year, so refunding the taxes on that is going to be expensive. Plus he’s got to find time in his busy schedule to play one-on-one against a guy who isn’t very good at getting his own shot, which means the game will take forever.

Seems like Obama should have just let Tyson Chandler come over with the rest of the Mavericks when they stopped by because this is turning in to a big hassle. Not to mention, who knows if the Budget Committee will approve these expenditures? Between the tax refund, the private tour for Chandler and his wife, a private jet to fly the two of them out and new basketball clothes so he looks cool for the game, this will be costly.

Someone get Ben Bernanke on the phone. We’ve got some problems to figure out.

(via TrueHoop)