On today’s live edition of “The Fix,” Skeets and Tas hit the mailbox to answer a few questions about Team USA’s 19-man preliminary roster. Who was the biggest snub? Who’s your third point guard on a 12-man team? And which bigs do you take to London? But, hey, that’s all in the second half of the show. First, the guys discuss whether Vinny Del Negro is fit to coach these Clippers, literature for Russell Westbrook, Gerald Wallace’s contract extension, Portland’s ironic wave, Rubio vs. Rose, and Kobe’s fat-ass wrist.

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  1. finally out in time for my lunch break, thank you guys!

  2. Starters
    Paul, Bryant, James, Durant, Howard

    Anthony, Bosh, Rose, Wade, Love, Aldridge, Billups

    I agree with Tas on Love. Doesn’t need the ball, and is going to spread the floor with his 3 point range, and create a ton of second chance points with his rebounding.

    But I agree with Skeets on Billups. They need that veteran combo guard off the bench who’s going to be the voice in the locker room.

  3. How can you forget mentioning Lavoy Allen’s huge game(5pts, 2stls)?

  4. Paul, Bryant, Durant, James, Howard

    Rose, Wade, Anthony, Aldridge, Love, Bosh, Gordon

    Love for the 3-pointer and as he can move to the centre spot and Griffin cannnot. Gordon since ha can knock down threes to. No need for another ballhandler with CP, and Rose at Point, Kobe and Wade, as well as Lebron. All can dish. How about LBJ running the point in international game? Scary thought…

  5. When the 2 guys were talking about snubs they didn’t mention Amare Stoudemire. They jiust said Bosh played in 2010 but he didn’t!!!!

  6. What we meant to say was ’08, the last meaningful tournament they played ’cause the “B-listers” were sent to the World Championships in 2010.

  7. omg can you please upload a link of GS’s GM.

  8. its pronounced “Lay Cob”

  9. I think these guys have enough leadership in the room, take Billups out for Williams.

  10. Screw the fans, we should be thanking you guys. Only been here 4 seasons, but loved every minute of them. Keep up the good work cocksuckaaaas

  11. I think I’d take Iggy over Gordon, strictly for defense and passing. And Why not dump Aldridge and take both Love and Griffin?

  12. On the Knicks-Sixers broadcast, Clyde said that Kobe doesn’t like the Suns. He could have been joking, or surmising much like you guys, but maybe he knows somehing.

  13. I would never advocate Rondo over Paul or Rose or Westbrook….I’d trade him straight up for any of those three in a heartbeat.

    But, I agree that it’s a surprise. A super low usage guy like him is perfect for a star studded group like this. He doesn’t care to score..doesn’t take anyone’s shots….will defend and rebound at a really high level…and he can get out and run. He’s the ideal fit for a roster like this. Think about the Heat…I feel like he could step in with them tomorrow and it’d be perfect..same with the Knicks.

  14. hey guys – podcasts seem to download okay into itunes but won’t play on the iphone, haven’t had this problem before with anything else, the podcast looks like it synced with the iphone and shows on the pc but ins’t available on the actual phone, peas,ryan

  15. Off-season, I had EG making it. Due to his injuries, you can book this roster for a Gold:
    Paul: arguably purest PG in the game right now
    Rose: MVP for a reason
    Deron: gets the nod for perimeter play, overseas experience (retired number?)
    Kobe: can tie MJ with 2 Gold; may rest ailing wrist
    Wade: dynamic blocker for a G
    LeBron: (versatile choke) king
    Iggy: mini LeBron; needs to sustain outside touch
    Melo: pure scorer, bully ball
    Durant: 2012 MVP
    Dwight: defensive dynamo
    Love: fundamentals beast, can stretch the defense
    Blake: all-out hustle; fringe pick

  16. Late comment but I can’t find the name of the song during the transition at the 22:05 mark. Anyone? Thanks.

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