Ballin: The Wizards. You guys won a game!

Not so much: The Raptors. You guys lost to the Wizards.

Still got it: Kobe Bryant had 48 points on 18-31 shooting, added five boards, three assists and three steals. Oh, and he did this.

Not bad for a man who has played 19 million NBA minutes.

Also good: Derrick Rose, my bros. 31 points and 11 assists, all while playing through a bout of turf toe that didn’t seem to affect him in the slightest.

Don’t stop ’til you get enough: More Ricky Rubio? Sure.

Two hand passes are for suckers.

Just curious: Does anyone know why Luke Ridnour still wears the Kobe V and Jeff Foster still wears the LeBron Solider 3? Very weird, since those shoes are both a couple seasons old and they are multi-millionaires.

Brevin Knight has got your back: Here’s what the Grizzlies announcer said after Marc Gasol and Kendrick Perkins got a double technical after the clock had expired in the first half — “I hate that call. It costs people.” He went to Stanford, so he knows it’s best for the economy if people keep their money.

You fancy, huh?: The Anderson Varejao point guard experiment is going very well.

To add to the question above, why is he still wearing the first Hyperdunk? Probably because he needs to be light on his feet to make moves like this.

Other things: 20 points in a win for Chandler Parsons, who isn’t a villain from a 1980s movie starring Michael J. Fox, or so I’m told … Byron Mullens is sorry about that loss. And that airball … More like Mil-lucky Bucks (or Milwaukee Lucks). Richard Jefferson had a pretty good look at a game-tying three, but he just missed. Win’s a win though … Of course, Gregg Popovich says that this season’s Spurs are the “Worst defensive team we’ve ever had. We’ve got a long way to go.” Way to take advantage of that, Bucks … Oh great, Vince Carter is rubbing off on Dirk

(Hansbrough image via 8 Points 9 Seconds)