Apparently anyone who wears a Tim Tebow jersey cannot throw straight until the end of whatever they’re doing. But then, at the very end, that person and/or anthropomorphic animal comes through with a supernatural miracle that can’t be explained through any normal means. I don’t want to say it’s spooky, but it’s definitely eerie.

(via Timothy Burke)

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  1. walking away like its no big deal. pretty chill. so Tebrow

  2. AMEN! thats what im talking about!

  3. Needing an extra 4 throws to perform a miracle shot? It’s obvious Rocky is Tebow.

  4. I was at the Nuggs-Bucks game last week and Rocky missed the first 10 of his backwards-halfcourt shots until right near the end of the 4th, when he promptly swished one home after Big Al had a sweet dunk to put the Nuggets up big.

    Crowd went bonkers and Rocky soaked in the cheers.

    Very exciting!

  5. Which theist could’ve predicted the proof would come in this form?

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