“Bro, let’s go sit by the bench, bro.”

“For real, bro?”

“No joking, bro.”

“You’re crazy, bro.”

“Nah, bro. We know Delonte. He saved us some seats.”

“Aight, bro. Hope no one notices.”

“We’ll be fine, bro. No one will see us. Incognito.”

“You mean incognit-bro.”

“Nice one, bro.”

(via Deadspin)

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  1. I can picture Stern meeting thempost-game to issue them with an infringement notice for incorrect attire on the bench and Delonte walking out with guitar case under his arm saying to Stern “You’ve got to ask yourself one question David, do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, Commish?”

  2. I feel like if Carlisle called in Vince but one of these guys said, “Hey Vince, I got this”, Carter would just nod and sit down. More chillin’ time.

  3. My other favorite thing from this game was this bro on the Pistons bench forgetting what team he was on when he reacted to this monster dunk from Brandan Wright. http://youtu.be/MbN_rzPPwVk

  4. Wut? Who the hell are these guys. Nobody around them seems to give a flying poop (for you, Tas), and it’s not like they’re blending in…

  5. Are those guys Cuban’s good friends or something? Weird that something like this happens when they’re visiting in Detroit and not in Dallas.

  6. Big Fail all around, Media, blogs, deadspin, Trey Kerby etc.

    It’s actually Vince Carter sitting in the stands.


  7. It’s cool, their Dad just got them courtside seats while he was mopping up the floor with the Pistons. #badBrianCardinaljokes

  8. There was an amazing sight in Detroit last night, with two bearded fans sipped on their beers while seated between Vince Carter and Delonte West during the Mavericks/Pistons game.

    Larry Brown Sports reports on who these two jokers are: “It turns out the fans in question are Aaron Cohen, a fashion designer who runs a clothing company called Revive, and a guy who goes by Chris Smokes on Twitter. Cohen is from the Michigan area, so we’re guessing the seats came from the Pistons, not Mark Cuban or the Mavericks. Cohen has also tweeted pictures from courtside seats in the past, but we’re guessing this is the first time he’s sat between players. It looks like they were sitting in VIP seats, not technically on the Mavs bench, but the funny part is that they were between Dallas players.”

  9. those two are kind of jerks, they even seem to be less interested in the game than Vince Carter.

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