I think we can all agree that the best thing about the Wizards this season is their new Bullets-y uniforms. Even though you can’t really read the numbers when you’re watching them on TV, those things are great.

Apparently, Kuwait’s Al Kuwait SC basketball team agrees because they’ve stolen the design and Kuwait-ed them up. And guess what? Still great.

Feels like this could be a nice opportunity for the Wizards. Sure, they could license the unis to Al Kuwait SC and make a little cash, but I’m thinking they go over and play a few weeks in the Kuwaiti league. I’m thinking they could go at least .500 overseas.

(via Capital Games/WorldStarHipHop)

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  1. What if the Wiz stole the designs…..? :) Imagine that hah

  2. Trey how can you post this and not at least link off to the video of the insane dunk that screengrab is from?

  3. Al Haji Mohammad>Washington Wizards

  4. I’d rather watch the Kuwait team than the Wiz…


    Kuwait looks better on the Uni than the Harry Potter Izards

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