Remember when those two bros sat so close to the Mavericks’ bench that everyone thought they were actually sitting on the bench? We laughed. We cried. We made fun of Vince Carter for letting guys basically kick him off his own bench. It was wild.

Now, finally, Vince Carter is breaking his legendary silence on the bench bros matter. Here’s what he told the Dallas Morning News:

“They were cool,” Carter said. “I just didn’t have enough room to sit so I went on the other side of them. That happens sometimes. They were good dudes. That was where their seats were, so it wasn’t any big deal. But I have to admit, it looked funny when I saw the video.”

Yeah, Vince — “That happens sometimes.” You’re just always seeing players get pushed off their bench and sitting with the fans. Not really, but OK.

Let’s all agree that it’s a great relief that these guys “were cool” though. Imagine how this would have went down if these guys weren’t cool. I don’t even want to consider the consequences.

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  1. The consequences would be enormous.

  2. They look like they are in horrible disguises. Seriously? Who dresses like that?

  3. The consequences would probably never be the same, as well.

  4. all i want to know is who’s spoiled kids are these? im sure they though they were entitled to sit on the mavs bench.

  5. i know these guys are douchebags n all but whatever… stop hating on vince already. geez. get over yourselves

  6. ps wow that just sounded like i’m a giant doucebag myself… well. whatever. i’m a show some love for vince!

  7. Please, always read EVERYTHING! They were NOT sitting on the Mavs bench, but – as Carter says, on their seats, which happen to be very, very close to if not on the Mavs bench. Them being total dorks is another question.

  8. Trey…do you always get the shitty posts to do? If you created this story…that’s horrible.

  9. The guy on the right looks like a douchy Trey Kirby

  10. Seriously the worst WotW ever Tas. So he was a nice guy not telling the fans to get out the way cause the Pistons didnt give a big enough bench and you give him this award….

  11. were is ron artest when you need him.

  12. were is ron artest

  13. A younger more hipster Tas and Trey.

    Either that or Jay and Silent Bob – the prequel.

  14. I also wish people should stop hating on Vince. He omved on, did everyone expect him to stay in Toronto forever? He went to two finals, so I guess he is not that bad of a player, just unfortunate to win anything so far. C’mon, get over it :))

    • I can’t believe it took me so long to realize why there’s so much hate for Carter on here. It all makes perfect sense now.

    • Carter never went to the Finals. The Nets did it twice pevious to his getting there, but stopped as soon as he became a Net.

      Yup, that’s part of the reason he’s so hated : giving Kidd false hope at a championship.

  15. Vince is hated because he basically admitted he stopped trying whilst in Toronto. No respectable professional athlete should admit to that, and since then it’s been clear his effort has been questionable at best.

    Oh and he’s an injury-faking drama queen who acts like he’s been snipered every time he trips over. But that’s beside the point. He’s just plain unlikeable.

    The 2000 slam dunk comp was pretty sweet though.

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