Ep. 738: The Lyin’ King

On today’s live edition of “The Fix,” Skeets and Tas attempt to sum up 11 mostly insane NBA games in, oh, about 30 minutes or so. Topics discussed include: LeBron’s foul shooting and aggressiveness, the terrible MIA-LAC officiating, the fatigue factor in this shortened season, DeAndre Jordan as a volleyball player, Wade’s save, whiney Blake Griffin, Dirk’s game-winner vs. Boston, and whether we should applaud or ridicule Kobe for again taking more shots than Bynum and Pau combined. All that, plus a familiar “Wanker of the Week,” Google Docs, Score mugs, and Mark.

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Comments (22)

  1. Kobe shoots 31 shots because Pau/Bynum shot 10-27…‎”Anybody wanna take a shot? I feel like we should take some shots because nobody on my team could make any shots.”

  2. stick to tweeting, neither of you have on air personalities or voices.

    • So you’re saying you like our tweets? Awww.

    • bahahaha butthurt kobe fan? Stick to hating, you have the personality for it. Mark knows haters gonna hate.

    • How can you hate on these guys? Unlike people on ESPN or other networks they don’t jerk off every single player, or give guys praise they don’t deserve. They give realistic takes on guys playing and I love watching it.

      “Haters gonna hate…”

  3. I see, the hair is back in order.

  4. Is anybody going to talk about how the new team warmups are fucking ugly?

  5. SKEETS. Great to see you in an environment you like. Tas, keep looking mildly handsome (no homo), but please stop the GARBAGEANI All-Star campaign. Just kidding. If he can come back from that injury last night and produce 23 PPG afterwards, he deserves it.

  6. About Kobe’s numbers, I believe they come from Mike Brown’s “coaching” : Give the ball to the best player and there you go.

    Too bad for the playoffs wins they could have hoped for.

  7. I love TBJ! I start my day with your show.

    What can we (the fans) do to get you guys on The Fix M-F?

  8. I think you guys are awesome. I wonder how long before you are scooped up by a higher profile network like all the other talented staff thescore has had? Didn’t Tim and Sid leave not too long ago? TBJ are the bawses of a weak broadcasting crew at thescore. Walk tall my friends and keep up the good work..

  9. Trey Irby cannot be a real person. It’s probably just a picture of regular Trey with a different beard.

  10. There are plenty of us out there…

  11. ssshh! don’t blow the cover of the TK Army!

  12. I find Skeets is wrong about officiating. You shouldn’t be cool with bad reffing because it is called on time. It is the exact opposite. As long as the call is right, the timing of the signal shouldn’t factor in that much. Im all for late but accurate calls.

  13. Simba 2.0, you’ve beaten me to the punch. The logic of Skeets’ argument on officiating, if followed to its conclusion – call it immediately and wrong – is “atrocious”. Otherwise, thanks for the latest installment, guys. I watch/listen every day.

  14. Any room for live audience in there?

  15. Great show but terrible wanker.

    Part of why Pierce looked so bad is that doc made him do a one hour sprinting workout on the treadmill earlier.

  16. at least he was aggressive…

    at least? hunh?

    perfection or LBJ just sucks right?

    Skeets, Tas: you guys are really missing it

  17. spot on about the ref’s waiting for the ball to go in/out in the heat/clipper game… probably the most frustrating thing about modern day officiating. i wasn’t convinced by this clips win, even though they did good… it was more a reinforcement of that the miami heat aren’t invincible, they aren’t even necessarily the “team to beat” this year… let’s face it bosh isn’t that big of a three…. just sayin’

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