The last time Jamaal Tinsley was in the NBA, he was a backup for the Memphis Grizzlies, which isn’t really anything to write home about so never mind. The time before that, however, he got in a bunch of trouble with the Indiana Pacers and eventually had the team ask him to leave so that his bad attitude didn’t poison young minds like Roy Hibbert and Danny Granger. It was a spectacular way to flame out.

But things have changed. Tinsley was the No. 1 overall draft pick in the D-League, joining the likes of such luminaries as Chris Andersen, Mikki Moore and Corsley Edwards. Then he was called up by the Jazz, since they needed a third-string point guard. Now, he’s the Jazz’s vocal leader, even though he’s played just 22 minutes this season.

He’s such a vocal leader, in fact, that the Jazz are literally calling him “The Voice.” From the Salt Lake Tribune:

How loud has Tinsley been? Jefferson calls him “The Voice.”

“Everyday we heard [about] things that we wasn’t doing that we needed to hear,” Jefferson said. “He was the main one.” [...]

Tinsley said there wasn’t a specific speech that reached the Jazz. Instead, he just stayed in his new teammates’ ears, reminding them about the power of pride and teamwork.

“My voice is good and [I was] just letting them know that I’m here, no matter what,” Tinsley said. “Whatever it take to show them that it ain’t about me playing. It’s about me just being a teammate and letting them know what I’ve been through. … As long as you stay together and play as a team, you can overcome everything.”

Lots to love here. First off, “The Voice” is a great nickname for an NBA player, so I’m happy that’s a thing now, especially since I don’t even remember hearing Jamaal Tinsley talk. Seems like a perfect fit.

I also like Tinsley boasting that his “voice is good,” which is just a very funny thing for an NBA player to brag about it. That’s like Jon Secada telling everyone how great his pass fakes are or Rajon Rondo touting himself as having the best skin in the NBA. Kinda wonder what other guys around the league think they have great voices, but we’re going to need them to be less timid about it if we’re ever going to find out.

And of course, it’s neat to see Jamaal Tinsley being really cool about getting a last chance at the league. That’s not something you’d necessarily expect from Tinsley, who was a handful when he was with the Pacers. If he were a Blink 182 song, he’d be “I Guess This is Growing Up,” or whatever it’s called. I’m not a Blink 182 fan, but he’d definitely be that. Really swell.

But mostly, I just think we need to start calling Jamaal Tinsley “The Voice.” You guys in?