Ballin: When Tom Thibodeau found out that Derrick Rose was going to miss last night’s game, he must have jokingly told John Lucas “You’re Derrick tonight.” That’s the only way to explain how a guy who started the season as the team’s third-string point guard ended up taking 28 shots. But hey, 25 points, eight rebounds and eight assists in your first career start at the age of 29 deserves some dap. As Stacey King said, “Some people say he looks like Carlton from ‘Fresh Prince.’ But he played great.”

Not so much: LeBron James missed three free throws in the final two minutes of regulation during a game that went to overtime. Did you know that if he made just one of those, the Heat would have won? It’s true.

Same as it ever was: The Wizards’ one-game winning streak was fun for everyone, but things are back to normal now. And by normal, I mean JaVale McGee took a buzzer-beating jumper from the corner against the Bulls last night.

Yep. That’s pretty much exactly what you’d expect to happen.

Wasn’t all bad: John Wall did this, which is cool.

Way cooler than scoring 11 points on 4-13 shooting against a third-string point guard.

Blind squirrel theory: Jeff Foster made a three-pointer to beat the third quarter buzzer last night. It was the first three he’s made since December 13, 2008. He shouldn’t take another for the rest of the year, just so he can say he finished the season shooting 100 percent from three. My dad would totally do that.

I’ve had better: Ray Allen and Paul Pierce combined for just 16 points on 5-13 shooting, Rajon Rondo threw the ball off Allen’s ankles when he was open in the corner to tie the game with five seconds remaining in the game, and Kevin Garnett got beasted by Dirk Nowitzki for the game-winning basket. Other than that, nice night for the Celtics’ stars.

That’s cool: Everything that happened in the last minute of the Rockets-Spurs game — including Luis Scola’s brilliant game-tier — then everything that happened in overtime of the Rockets-Spurs game was pretty awesome. If you get a chance to watch a replay, do it.

Eesn’t that vierd?: Danilo Gallinari scored 17 in the first quarter against the Nets, then didn’t score in the second quarter. Corey Brewer didn’t score in the first quarter against the Nets, then scored 17 in the second quarter.

Too far: Where are you going Rick Carlisle?

That’s a long way to run, just to complain about a non-call.

Other highlights: Chandler Parson, who is a Rocket and not a guy you met at a Sig Ep party, had a nice tip dunk … DeAndre Jordan blocked Norris Cole twice — on the same shot … Taj Gibson dunked on a lot of Wizards … Ivan “Diamonds in My Mouth, Di-Diamonds in My Grill” Johnson is still doing things … Blake Griffin loves dunking … So does LeBron James

Other things: JaVale McGee tried to take the court in the third quarter while still wearing his shooting shirt, so last night was VERY JaVale-y … At one point last night, Josh Howard had a fast break layup opportunity, which he botched when the ball went flying out of his hands for no reason. Luckily, he recovered it in time to whip it off of Metta World Peace’s legs … Chris Andersen took a shot that one reporter called “the worst shot in the history of basketball.” I haven’t seen it, but I’d love to check it out if you have a clip … Oh right, Kobe Bryant scored 40 points again

(Blake Griffin image via 30fps)