The only referee in NBA history who would be bold enough to call all of these travels — hard to tell if it’s two or three — in this situation is Billy Crystal in “Forget Paris.” Since that’s a movie and not real life and he’s biased for the Clippers anyway, I guess we’ll just let it slide.

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  1. 6 is the number on his jersey so thats how many steps he’s allowed. Don’t you guys know the rules?

  2. Maybe that’s why he missed so many at the line. The universe called the travels I think.

  3. Oh come on, that topic’s old by know. That’s totally legal, it’s a CRAB DRIBBLE!!!

  4. Deandre Jordan clearly goaltended Bosh’s jump hook, refs don’t care.

  5. “That’s it, technical! For lying!”

  6. 6 steps. One to represent each ring that the Heat will almost win.

    If I would’ve known I could travel like that I’d be in the NBA too right now.

  7. Watching LeBron miss clutch free throws was so cringe worthy

  8. motherfuckn talentless idiot.most overrated player on earth

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