Last night, with 40 seconds remaining, the Chicago Bulls had some random dude check in to play basketball for them wearing a No. 14 jersey with no name on the back. Who could this fellow be? There is no way anyone could possibly figure out this mystery by turning the volume up on their television, Googling or checking the Bulls’ online roster, so we are left to sleuth out this mystery on our own.

Let’s start with all the Bulls who have worn No. 14 in the past and provide reasons to eliminate them accordingly.

  • Tate Armstrong — retired
  • Jim Barnes — dead
  • Johnny Baum — is 65
  • Matt Goukas — white
  • Craig Hodges — blacklisted by NBA
  • Erwin Mueller — white
  • Clifford Ray — now a coach
  • Ricky Sobers — is 58

So none of those guys. Maybe it is just a guy who has worn No. 14 in the past two seasons. Let’s eliminate who we can.

  • D.J. Augustin — Bobcats
  • Brian Cardinal — Mavericks
  • Daequan Cook — Thunder
  • Derrick Favors — Jazz
  • Joey Graham — arms in that picture aren’t muscular enough
  • Danny Green — Spurs
  • Terrel Harris — sounds made-up
  • Mike James — no way he’s back in the NBA, I don’t believe it
  • Carl Landry — Hornets
  • Shaun Livingston — legs in picture seem to be fully functional
  • Troy Murphy — Lakers
  • Eduardo Najera — guy in picture isn’t flopping
  • Gary Neal — Spurs
  • Jameer Nelson — Magic
  • Nikola Pekovic — no dragon tattoo
  • Jason Smith — Hornets
  • Al Thornton — guy in picture isn’t shooting
  • Ronny Turiaf — no braids
  • Julian Wright — arms in picture aren’t insanely skinny

That’s no help. I don’t think we’ll ever get to the bottom of this. If you have ANY idea who this guy is, please let us know in the comments.

(photo via Sam Anderson)

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  1. NBA.Com’s box score lists him as “M. James” but there is no linked player page…

  2. It’s Mike James, guys. I was just joking about not knowing. Love you.

    • I wish it was Mike Jones, instead. And instead of playing basketball, he just stood at half court screaming his phone number. “281-330-8004!!!”

  3. Russell Jones


  4. It’s cuz Mike James is too good to have a name on his jersey, everyone is aware of his powerful presence.

  5. Paul Lukas’ Uni Watch blog identified him as Mike James at the very bottom of this morning’s post:

  6. Thought it was Mike Schmitt

  7. Hey guys, i think it might be Mike James…

  8. Ricky Sobers is 58? Damn I feel old.

  9. Mike James? Who? Mike James you can’t hold me
    A lot of haters, a lot of homies
    Some friends, some phoney
    Back then Bulls didn’t want me
    Turf toe, Bulls all on me

  10. It’s Jimmy Michaels.

  11. I applaud you nich obert. Nice turf toe reference

  12. We just need to figure out which player has a tattoo of the logo from the 2005 film “The Amityville Horror” on his arm.

  13. its jeff van gundy

  14. the notorious jvg

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