On today’s live episode of “The Fix,” Skeets and Tas’ Geocities sweater select their winners and losers of the NBA weekend. On the honor roll: Blake Griffin and the Clippers, the surprising Utah Jazz, those underrated (and suddenly athletic) Spurs, and Ivan Johnson’s teeth. On the shit list: Doc Rivers and the Celtics, as well as Tas’ “second-half” fantasy basketball team. All that, plus NBA games during parties, Marcin Gortat’s nose, and Trey’s inaugural “Now-er Rankings.”

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Comments (14)

  1. nice @treykerby pull quote in the NY Times yesterday. dios mio man.

  2. Watching the Cs has been tough….I feel like they couldn’t get anything great back for KG/Ray/JO (all expiring)….what they got back would have to be something bad in terms of money or years…probably best to just let the money roll off and rebuild.

  3. Great show as usual TBJ team. Thanks for the special recognition of the Jazz; we’re not going to be in the playoff hunt at the end of the season, but right now we’re feeling pretty good about ourselves.

    So, in recognition of this I offer you guys a gift.


  4. If you enjoyed Trey’s “Nower rankings”; every Wednesday Donald Sterling releases his “shower rankings”.

  5. Dallas not a winner this weekend? 5-0 in their last 5 games, and went 4-0 without Jason Kidd, pretty impressive stuff. Not to mention, they held Sacramento to 23 points at the HALF.

  6. Did the TBJ colours come from that sweater Tas’ sister bought him?

  7. GORTAT for All Star team !

  8. hey are those people behind you real?

    or is it a green screen.

  9. Hey! There are some girls/women who are into basketball and have liked the TBJ page! I was even at your show (and it was amazingly fun).

  10. what was the song at 19:30??

  11. For what it’s worth….that game tonight was the best the Celtics have played this season. They seemed to have remedied their rebounding issues, Pierce looked ok, they seemed a little less out of sync…….but maybe I was just expecting more of that same crap from Saturday night.

  12. Love the sweater Tas. Where’d you get it?

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