We already know the Wizards are terrible. We know reasons why they are terrible. We know how they got terrible.

But we don’t know how terrible they can be. Sure, 1-11 is horrible, but what if they continue the season at this pace? How bad could they be? Michael Lee of the Washington Post has the answer.

The Wizards have a winning percentage of .090 (Ed. — now .083 after Saturday’s loss), which of course, would be the all-time worst. The 1972-73 Philadelphia 76ers had the worst 82-game season in NBA history, winning just 9 games and posting an overall winning percentage of .110. If the Wizards play that pace, they would finish with eight wins.

It seems the Wizards have their bases covered. Not only are they on pace to finish with the lowest number of wins in a season, if they keep this up, they’ll also finish with the worst winning percentage of all-time, just so no one puts an asterisk on their atrocious season. That’s smart thinking.

Now, things could turn around for the Wizards. They have talent, they’re young and this is a season where those two things might lead to a team stealing a victory on accident. When you’re trying to get to nine wins — which would save Washington the ignominy of least wins and worst win percentage ever — getting a cheap victory because the other team is completely exhausted is a fine reason. When you’re this bad, a win’s a win.

However, looking at their schedule, if they don’t beat the Rockets today, there’s a very good chance their record is 1-16 before they have another winnable game against the Bobcats. That’s good for a winning percentage of .058 which is basically saying the Wizards have the same chance of winning a game as Otis Thorpe making a three, to put things in lockout season Wizards terms. Those are not good odds.

But at least Wizards fans have something to root for now. Between cheering for Andray Blatche to shoot another hurried 18-footer with a hand in his face or being immortalized forever in the record books as the worst team of all-time, always go with history.

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  1. Otis Thorpe FTW!!

  2. To truly judge the worst team ever, I believe dollars per win is a far better measurement.

    As best I can tell the Wizards team salary sits at around $57 million. To truly approach the 2007-2008 Knicks record of 23-58 (.283) for $93.6 million or $4,069,565 per win, the Wizards will need to win 13 games or less.

    All that to say, after a 1-11 start… it’s on the table.

  3. 9 wins out of 82 is 0.110

  4. 8 wins in 66 games would be 0.121

  5. The article a few posts back about the Wiz murdering their wouth really made me sad… now this :( I Love Pierre.. Young, Wall.. All cool kids, dang it.

  6. Nah, they can’t be the worst team ever. They just can’t lose those 73 games that the Sixers blew in ’72. The season is too short to become the absolute worst, lol.

    Still, they can name themselves “the least best team ever” after they finish the season with 5 wins or less to beat the ’99 Grizzlies and, most importantly, the ’48 Steamrollers. If there’s any team that can be less best than the ‘Rollers, it’s these guys.

  7. Once i retire I’d personally appreciate to move to Hawaii.

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