If you’re reading this website, you’re a basketball fan. And since you’re basketball fans, you know the players. You know the guys who’ve been in the league for five minutes (Cory Higgins) and the guys who have been in the league for five centuries (Juwan Howard). You know your Shawne Williams from your Sean Williams, and your Dominique Jones from your Damion James. You guys know these things because you watch games like it’s going out of style.

Ivan Johnson? Not so much. From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

“My thing is, I don’t really watch basketball so I don’t know who anybody is,” Johnson said after sinking two free throws with 4.6 seconds left to give the Hawks a 93-91 victory over the Timberwolves Saturday. “So when I match up against them, they are a regular player. I know the major players like LeBron [James], Kobe [Bryant], [Dwyane] Wade but all the extra ones I don’t know. Even if I did know them, I’m not going to be afraid. We are playing basketball.”

Ivan Johnson is your new favorite basketball player. He’s a 27-year-old rookie who sometimes wears a diamond grill when he plays, was banned from a Korean basketball league and doesn’t know who any of the non-stars in the league are because he doesn’t watch hoops. He just goes out and out-efforts whoever he’s matched up against, even if he doesn’t really know who they are. You totally love this guy. So much.

I’m sure some people will mention that he needs to watch games if he’s going to be a successful player, that he probably does actually know who everyone is because of scouting reports, film study and all the other things that go in to preparing for an NBA game in 2012. But those people are no fun. Let’s just enjoy a guy who seems like he only wants to play basketball as hard as he possibly can while also looking as hard as he possibly can.

(via SLAM)

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  1. lol doesn’t this guy watch game film? He’s gotta know who he’s going up against before he plays them

  2. HA! i just KNEW trey would comment on this guy the second i read his quote – that is, pretty much right after the game against the wolves (huh. never thought i would experience that… i actually stayed up half the night to watch a hawks – wolves game! geez).
    but anyways. this was just too great a quote to not comment on. thx you guys :D love this guy, so, yeah, mission complete

  3. this guy is awesome… gotta love the roughnecks

  4. Doug smith says Soloman Alabi got into fight with him… he says hes a bully lolol love this guy..

  5. as a hawks fan, i cant tell you how happy i am to have one person on our team with some personality. double bonus for being a personality that will smack you in the mouth.

  6. I Love seei ng 9-5 play for the Hawks and I hope he will continue to get more playing
    time. He is certainly the only playere for the Hawks that is not afraid to get down into the paint, hustle, and terrific reboundings. Helay like to he love the game a nd he hustles
    without complaints. He will only im prove with more playing time. I’m sorry to see Collins
    get injured but he did not have good work mechanic, slow, not consistent in his playing and lose focus when he is in the game. Blah!! Him being out will certainly elevate
    Ivan Johnson. I’m His Number #E1 Fan, I Love Seeing Him Play. Beverly

  7. absolutely hilarious to hear a guy say he just doesnt watch basketball. Didnt he spit in the crowd once?

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