(Mom note: Trey, can you make the title so it reads like “pissed and moaned?”) (Ed. note: Sure.)

Yeah, that’s right they cried like babies, but what do you expect for a “young” team?  Who cares though?  I got to go to a basketball game and sit on the floor. Literally. As a photographer!

I went with my dude, T.J., the Detroit photojournalist. We entered The Palace, and before I could curtsy, my prince (no, not Tayshaun) handed me a REAL camera and gave me one single instruction — “Just point and shoot.”  So I did.

Of course, T.J. had no idea how amusing this directive could be, but I did. Since I was quite confident my pictures wouldn’t run in any newspapers, I figured I’d take a few shots that at least my Trey-Trey would appreciate.

My first shot was not so great. A little embarrassing, but then I realized this could be a lot of fun.

Thought Trey might like these for his birthday.

These guys looked like brothers to me.

I got better as the night went on.

These guys don’t really look like brothers.


I think this guy is pretty good.

Now a note to the Detroit Pistons: Thank you for an entertaining night. It was fun going to The Palace and being treated like a queen. And don’t worry. I’m sure you’ll mature over time.

But until you do, do what I did …“Just point and shoot.”

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  1. The last one is awsome!!! Sell it for sure. Just find someone who wants a… Never mind. Great shot tho.

  2. That’s a wonderful chance TK-Mom got and used there. I would love to sit down, point & shoot at an NBA game. And that last Monroe shot there – solid work. And nice advice to the Pistons as well.

  3. “These guys looked like brothers to me.”

    As a black man, I deeply appreciated that caption.

  4. Is that… the dreaded David Lee Elbow?

  5. wow your mom lived one of my dreams… :) Maybe i should have you all live out my dreams.. seems fair

  6. The last Greg Monroe pic is the best one. Trey, you definitely have one of the coolest moms in the universe. (That’s right, I said UNIVERSE! Deal with it!)

  7. <3 your mums work as always.

  8. wow how empty is that stadium ???

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