(Mom note: Trey, can you make the title so it reads like “pissed and moaned?”) (Ed. note: Sure.)

Yeah, that’s right they cried like babies, but what do you expect for a “young” team?  Who cares though?  I got to go to a basketball game and sit on the floor. Literally. As a photographer!

I went with my dude, T.J., the Detroit photojournalist. We entered The Palace, and before I could curtsy, my prince (no, not Tayshaun) handed me a REAL camera and gave me one single instruction — “Just point and shoot.”  So I did.

Of course, T.J. had no idea how amusing this directive could be, but I did. Since I was quite confident my pictures wouldn’t run in any newspapers, I figured I’d take a few shots that at least my Trey-Trey would appreciate.

My first shot was not so great. A little embarrassing, but then I realized this could be a lot of fun.

Thought Trey might like these for his birthday.

These guys looked like brothers to me.

I got better as the night went on.

These guys don’t really look like brothers.


I think this guy is pretty good.

Now a note to the Detroit Pistons: Thank you for an entertaining night. It was fun going to The Palace and being treated like a queen. And don’t worry. I’m sure you’ll mature over time.

But until you do, do what I did …“Just point and shoot.”