Ballin: Paul Millsap had 26 points on 12-19 shooting, grabbed 12 boards and added three assists, a steal and a block. Pretty cool, but the best part is that 16 of those points came in the fourth quarter. As everyone knows, fourth quarter points are worth more, so this was quite the achievement.

Not so much: Dorell Wright went 3-for-13 and scored just 11 points in Golden State’s win against the Pistons. However, he also had 11 rebounds and three steals, so even his bad line wasn’t that bad.

Also ballin: Tim Duncan played like it was seven years ago, putting up a 24 and 11 with two blocks and four assists against the Suns. No one tell him it’s 2012 and that neither or these two teams are title contenders any more.

Say hi to your mother for me: On Friday, we spent a few minutes trying to figure out how to increase attendance at Pistons games. On Sunday, my mom was at one.

In case you’re wondering — yes, she does now own one abandoned house in Detroit. Not sure what she’s doing about the stray dogs.

Who needs eyes?: Not Monta Ellis, apparently.

Well, I am sure he’d much prefer to have eyes, but it’s nice to know he could survive without them if need be.

Keep it going: Greg Monroe is really good, friends. He’s scored in double-digits in all but two games this seasons, plus Eric Koreen took him in the third round of our fantasy draft. Off to a great start.

Whoops: In 14 minutes of play against the Golden State Warriors, Ben Wallace’s only shot attempt was a three-pointer.

Other things: Chris Paul’s might be missing a few games with a hurty hamstring, so having three All-Star point guards on the Clippers roster isn’t looking like such a bad idea … Meanwhile, Jason Richardson’s knee is all bruisy, so he’ll miss games too … Of all NBA players who have played 100 or more minutes, two Raptors come in the bottom five … Cool leg, Jonas Jerebko