Nothing wrong with a little mid-day NBA action, especially when there are highlights like this one, where Chandler Parsons (not a villainous caddy from 1988) skies for a tip dunk over JaVale McGee. That’d be good enough for an afternoon, but then he proceeds to spin around on McGee’s shoulders like he’s riding his own personal merry-go-round.

As Tas says this is the best dismount of the year. So far.

Comments (4)

  1. Isn’t this like the third Parsons’ putback dunk ina while? Someone box out the white kid…

  2. Great 360 rim-hang. Gotta see that in the dunk comp this year.

  3. Him and Budinger look like dudebros you knew in high school, except these dudebros can throw it down on people once in a while.

  4. That’s a 360 degree facial.

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