Kind of surprised that “Do you have your tickets … to the gun show?” didn’t make the cut for these three bros having a flex-off, but let’s just chalk that up to The Coyote lacking a functional mouth.

(via I Am a GM)

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  1. is there a icon for a confused, scared but cant look away look? Cause thats whats on my face while watching that… dang

  2. Hearing Duncan say, “Yalls” made me feel uncomfortable.

  3. They should have made Splitter step in for TD :) Then the cool accents would have won!

  4. “Y’alls.” Shows he’s still got those Wake Forest roots. Also he plays/spends a majority of his life in San Antonio, that too.

    Just hearing Duncan talk so much makes me uncomfortable.

  5. Probably the three worst guys to sell milk…

    I nominate the sneaky Frenchman as the next Hamburgler though.

  6. The funniest thing of all is that although superstar ballers, they all have sad :( biceps. Keep drinking milk kids it (eventually) does a body good. Notice how they don’t spot Crash Bandakoot as he works his biceps.

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