Ep. 741: Homecomings

On today’s live episode of “The Fix,” Skeets and Tas give standing ovations to both Kendrick Perkins and Lamar Odom’s homecoming video tributes. Also discussed: Back-breaking Thunder three-pointers, whether the Celtics should “blow it up,” Vince Carter’s limp, Matt Barnes’ kindness, if Kobe will win the scoring title, and whether we’re overreacting to JaVale McGee’s self-oop off the glass. All that, plus Marcin Gortat doodles, Skeets’ Book-Off slide, and which NBA player would make the best politician.

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Comments (9)

  1. We want NBA Doodles

  2. Sick intro quote Skeets. Very sick

  3. It was Blatche that was trying to get the triple double last year not McGee

  4. Charlie Ward got a tribute video by the Knicks

  5. Eddie Robinson had a self-oop on MLK Jr Day in 2003.


  6. Ray would absolutely get a video tribute – because of the title that was won. He and Eddie started with the Cs the same season, and Eddie’s been gone. Plus, Ray was the first piece to move in that epic offseason………and you could make a REAL strong case that he should have been the MVP of the 08 finals (of course I’m glad Pierce got it).

    Perk’s is largely because of the title…but as you guys said, because he was there for 8 years, I feel like he’d get one even if they hadn’t won a title. It’s great to see guys come in young with your team and develop. And, for whatever reason, he really endeared himself to the Boston fans. A great guy, by all accounts. They love him in a much different way than they love the superstars.

    I’m psyched about the comment above about Charlie Ward, and I want to try to find it. I fucking love him…..both as an NBA player and a college quarterback. Takes me back to my youth.

    There was a report today that there were some contenders contacting the Celtics about Pierce….it would be defensible to him in that he’d be going to a contender, but it would be really, really tough to see him in another uniform. Danny has a framed jersey of Pierce in his office……be tough to pull the trigger on that move, I’d imagine. And, really, is he worth that contract to any other team besides the Celtics?? I wouldn’t think so.

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