It’s kind of hard to get a feel for the Denver Nuggets. On one hand, they’ve beat the Heat, Lakers and Jazz. But on the other hand, they’ve lost to the Hornets, Lakers and Jazz. They’re the sixth best offensive team in the league, which is great. But they’re also just the 13th best defensive team in the league, which is barely above average. They’re undefeated on Fridays, winless on Saturdays and 1-1 on Sundays, meaning their weekends are only so-so. Sometimes they’re good, sometimes they’re just OK.

It’s when they’re just OK that George Karl gets mad. That’s when he says they’re “too cool.” From the Denver Post:

“I probably blame it on our NBA cool,” he said. “We thought we were cool after kicking Miami’s butt, and we got embarrassed. The NBA game does it quite frequently. If you think you’re better than you are, or think you’re cooler than you are and you don’t think you have to put in the hard work to win games, you get embarrassed. We got embarrassed.”

This is exactly like what my mom would tell me as a kid when we played mini-golf — “Don’t get cocky.” You start thinking you’re Mr. Cool Putter knocking home a gimme, then you totally botch it and look like a stupid idiot. Happens to us 9-year-olds, happens to professional basketball players.

But you can’t blame George Karl for being upset about this sort of thing happening. The Nuggets are only 3-3 when allowing 100 or more points and 1-4 when allowing a team to make 50 percent of more of their shots, so it’s understandable that the specific scenario that ticked Karl off — “I’m kind of fed up about teams coming in here shooting 50 percent, scoring 100 points” — did tick him off. It’s not like he’s upset about Chris Andersen getting all those tattoos. He’s just mad about the oft-discussed letdown game.

It’s like AndrĂ© 3000 once said – “Baby take off your cool.” I don’t know if that’s the best basketball advice, but if it’ll keep George Karl from wearing genie-in-a-bottle pants, then I’m all for it.

(via I Am a GM)