Toronto Raptors forward Andrea Bargnani is having a career year and is a serious candidate to make his first NBA All-Star Game appearance. His secret? Well, it’s in the sauce. (Kanye West knows what’s up.)

Shout-out to Ginger Jarvis for the incredible graphics. We owe you an unlimited amount of pasta.

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  1. Paaahhhstaaaaaa

  2. I will play this song every time I play someone 2K12 with the Raptors

  3. this is amazing.
    bravo guys

  4. Ha! Well done fellas.

  5. This HAS to become the Raptors opening music for the 2012 season, right?

  6. Hahaha! Simply amazing.

  7. ……. holy crap

  8. OMG IM VOTING FOR HIM IMMEDIATELY!!!! Greatest video EVER… And we vote for TBJ as well?

  9. I cant see how you guys can ever surpass this epic level of awesome.

  10. Sowse!

    This text is to make my comment an acceptable length for the commenting system

  11. This why I love TBJ. Great work guys.

    Ps. much better than Chris Bosh’s allstar video

  12. Very tight track. Well done TBJ!

  13. Would have loved to hear a ‘Primo pasta and sowce’ soundclip incorporated into this video but it still gets the point across. As much as I’ve ripped on AB the last 5 years, I think I’m actually starting to like the guy.

  14. This is better than the car salesman thing Bosh had when he was a Raptor.

  15. also loved the like a bosh vid that was funny

  16. Amazing!

    Will vote for him in hopes that he makes it just so we can get video evidence of you guys getting his reaction to this at All Weekend as Matty O, Savage Bodyguard, keeps box out kid from ruining the moment.

  17. Simply Delicious! That’s absurdly Grain-Wise!

  18. Amazing! Had me laughing constantly throughout three replays. You guys are geniuses.

  19. Sorry, this is so good I have to double-comment. I watched it again and the execution is just top notch. I mean you guys are good at talking about basketball, but this is EXCELLENT and I want more of it.

  20. I normally don’t do ASG voting, but I’m voting for AB after seeing this. Well done!

  21. this is awesomerificaltasticness turned into a video
    i can die happy now

  22. this was funny all the way through but 2012 orlando all star man made me lose it. amazing.

  23. This has everything to do with basketball and comedy.

  24. This video is hilarious lol Good job on the vocals Skeets and Tas

  25. How does this video only have 407 view on YouTube?

    I have watched it four times personally and sent the link to 2 buddies. It is a classic, we should try to spread the video to all our bball watching friends, to get TBJ the credit and views they deserve for a job well done once again.

  26. Simply the best…

  27. U guyz are geniuses!!!! KEEP IT UP!!!!! SOOOOO FUNNY!!! I hope NBA TV Canada starts playin this as a commercial :P

  28. Man this video is really starting to get around. Great job, and I hope to see Bargnani in the All-Star game!

  29. I love the 21st century schizoid man reference, seriously might even vote for him

  30. I prefer J.E. Skeets in All-Star Game rather than Andrea Bargnani ;)

  31. no one man should have all that pasta


  32. that was terrifying…

  33. very cool. Thanks for making me smile guys, I needed it.

  34. WHOA! that is all.

  35. haha. this is great, and exactly why I come here

  36. This is fantastic, great work and all the praise is well deserved! Has Bargnani actually reacted in any way?

  37. yes . noodles for mvp!

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