Ballin: According to PER, Ryan Anderson is the seventh-best player in the league. Yesterday helped that, as Brook Lopez’s best bro forever and ever went for 30 points and made seven threes. That gives him 43 from deep this season, best in the league. Still has that chin-only goatee though.

Not so much: Brandon Jennings went 3-11, scored just seven points and had more turnovers than assists. Eek.

Double bad: Not only does Rudy Gay beat Joakim Noah off the dribble, he also crams on his head.

Other than that, perfect defense from Noah.

These are great: No great shots of ‘em, but Ray Allen’s black/gold MLK Day Jordan 12s were awesome.

The Celtics might suck now, but Ray’s shoe game is still on-point.

Definitely, definitely: Did you like Russell Westbrook’s back-to-back threes with less than two minutes remaining? He did.

Do you hate this?: Flip Saunders does.

I don’t care at all, but I think we can agree that only JaVale McGee would think this is a really good idea. Wait. Scratch that. Nick Young would do it too.

Best broadcast ever: Did you see all the shots of Brad Miller on the bench during the Timberwolves-Kings game? It was almost as impressive as Kevin Love’s line and definitely less sappy than the Kendrick Perkins shrine in Boston.

Other things: No wonder the Jazz are winning. They’ve got former players sitting in the stands like it’s no big deal … Blake Griffin is still good at dunking and Kris Humphries is still good at being publicly embarrassed … Here’s the tribute the Celtics played for Kendrick Perkins. Rest in peace, man … Kevin Durant played a possession without a shoe last night … 16 of 22 points in the fourth quarter for LaMarcus Aldridge because he’s really good now … The Raptors are on Groupon, in case you’re looking for the cheapest way to see Jamaal Magloire airball free throws in person