On today’s live episode of “The Fix,” Skeets and Tas take a look at the NBA.com’s 10th annual GM Survey. Why did they nail the “Which player is most likely to have a breakout season?” question? Which Greek could be the “Best international player NOT in the NBA?” Who is the “Toughest player in the NBA?” and what does that even mean? And who was the terrible oversight in the “Best perimeter defender” category? All that, plus rookie talk, puns, and Milwaukee Bucks forward Jon Leuer’s new nickname. (Well, Skeets’ new nickname for him, at least.)

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Comments (22)

  1. Who is Ron Artest? I think you mean Metta World Peace.

  2. Best defender in the NBA and the toughest SOB out there… RAJA BELL

    Ask Kobe…

  3. A video of Steve “tough SOB” Blake going nuts for no reason what so ever. He’s the typical angry small guy. Just that he’s 1,91 (m)


  4. Few things guys, great work ditching the t-shirts for something a lil’ more profesional, show’s going great, new graphics look good, show’s as entertaining as always.

    One thing, those mics pick up a huge THUMP every time THUMP you make a THUMP point by THUMP dropping your THUMP hands on the desk THUMP.

    May not be able to do much, but thought I’d point out a little annoyance on the audio tip.

    Also, No suprise Lerbon wasn’t on teh GM’s list to take the last shot? (Sarcasm)

    • Yes… I was going to say that very thing after watching the Fix on Monday. You were making my sub bounce every time you dropped your hand on the desk Skeets. Maybe some clip on microphones?

  5. Maybe a homer comment here, but once Isaiah Thomas gets more playing time, he could be a real dark horse for ROY. He may have been the 60th pick, but he is extremely comfortable and confident on the court. Still makes some mistakes (dribbling too much sometimes, going to the rim when he shouldn’t) but Sacramento fans already want him to start and have MT23 coming off the bench a la Jason Terry. Will probably happen in the next few games. Keep your eyes on him.

  6. On the Irving vs. Rubio discussion:

    -Tas is wrong about minutes, its Rubio getting “the minutes” Hes averaging 31 to Irvings 28

    -Rubio has him beat in assists, steals, rebounds and 3pt percentage. Irving only beats him in scoring, FT % and FG % Rubio is contributing more to his team already (especially from the PG position), and the records for both teams are very similar.

    -Only 5 rookies since the shot clock era have accumulated more assists 10 games into the season than Rubio has. Irving looks like a nice player, but Rubio is starting to look like the next Kidd or Stockton, I don’t think its even close.

  7. One breakout player that you missed….Ryan Anderson!!! He has been awesome this season.

    That is all

  8. Jon Leuer actually played in Germany during the lockout and was one of the best players in the league playing for Frankfurt. http://www.beko-bbl.de/remotecontent/deliver.php?menuid=1212&pos=&saison=2011&saisonx=2011&spieler_id=21724&team_id=426&topmenu=270&xget=%2Fbeko-bbl%2Fstatistik%2Fspieler%2Findex.php

  9. Carl Landry deserves a mention for toughest player, remember how little he reacted to getting three teeth knocked out.
    I’d also add James Johnson as a guy you’d never want to fight, 6-9 and 250 pounds with a black belt.

  10. I love Tas singing some Aloe Blacc in there. I’m also not surprised that it came from Tas

  11. Something tells me Tas was picked on because of his nose growing up lol, just by the way he was overly sensitive about it yesterday and him bringing it up again today.

    @Reallifexma: I wasn’t aware sweaters were considered professional…

    • When it comes to T-shirts and Sweaters – Sweater’s MORE Professional, Skeet’s collared sailing sweater is MOST professional.

  12. I am from utah so i am a homer, but Enes Kanter has not been disappointing, i am actually super suprised on how well he has done this year, i was honestly expecting very little, but he defends and moves his feet way faster than i thought he would and his rebounding numbers are out of this world. I don’t have the exact numbers for this because i am not @allthatamar but his rookie year rebounding percentage is higher than loves was and Dwight were there rookie years.

    Also his defense has been stellar look at the last game against the lakers when he was guarding bynum he shut him down. Anyway just saying. He isn’t ROY but he certainly isn’t disappointing.

    • These comments threads aren’t great for Tas or Skeets? We just pick apart every minute mistake from their podcasts. Well, since it’s their lot in life:

      Has Kanter been playing center or power forward, or spot minutes at both?

      Kanter’s 9’1.5” standing reach seems to me to be just fine for a post player, at least on paper. That puts him in front of Nene Hilario and Chris Bosh, both 9’1”, and just behind LaMarcus Aldridge, Elton Brand, and Andrea Bargnani, all of whom are 9′ 2″. I would think he would be able to play minutes at either power forward or center with that length and frame, but i am unable to watch as many Jazz games as I would like.

  13. Harsh on Kanter. He’s nineteen and getting limited burn. I’m seeing the same player I saw in those “grainy vids” to which Tas refers – laterally quick; no lift (so misses lots of bunnies, but that should change with his natural touch); good basketball IQ; strength and great hands. He looks like Kevin Love before he started hitting jumpshots all over the place, and Enes has the stroke to do likewise, in time. Not a gun player, sure, but certainly no disappointment this far along.

  14. Tas singing some Aloe Blacc!!!

  15. No Marcelo Huertas Love?

  16. Interesting that almost all the coaching picks were PGs. I think a guy who could be great – and who is an exception to the non-superstar rule – would be Duncan. A guy who started playing late and who built his game so quickly and effectively through fundamentals. Plus, I imagine he’d have a lot to draw on from his experiences with San Antonio.

  17. Best International Player?

    What about Nikolai Mirotic! He’s young but just won an MVP…

  18. OK, now you have me convinced Iggy>Billups in OLY. Lmao Mullens told Ivan Johnson don’t drop the soap

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