Just a few days ago, we found out that Ivan Johnson prides himself on not watching basketball or knowing who any non-star players are. Now it’s another guy, a very non-Ivan Johnson type, who’s claiming he’s not actually in to watching basketball.

From the AP:

“The best thing about me is I don’t read anything or know anything that’s going on,” Ridnour said after scoring 25 points and dishing nine assists in a victory over Sacramento on Monday. “So I just come out and play.”

That is a weird “best thing,” but sure — going in to a game clueless so that you can just play is definitely one way to go about things. If Luke Ridnour thinks that’s the way to go, then he should keep doing it because he’s been awesome this year. If not knowing anything that’s going on means the best shooting percentage, most points and stellar three-point shooting then he shouldn’t read anything ever. Whatever works.

Of course, just like Ivan Johnson, Luke Ridnour is probably lying a little bit. Unless the Timberwolves and the Hawks just so happen to be the two teams in the league that don’t study game film or provide scouting reports, these guys are more clued in then they’re letting on. They have to watch some film and read some stuff, or else their coaches would hate them.

That’s fine. These are just a couple of dudes who don’t like to get caught up in the media spectacle of the NBA because it makes it easier for them to focus on just playing basketball. For as many overpreparers there are in the league, I’m sure there are just as many underpreparers, like these fellas. Different strokes for different kinds of people.

But if Michael Beasley said he didn’t watch any basketball or read anything, that’s a different story. I’d totally buy that.