Ballin: Carlos Boozer got legit applause in the United Center last night. He scored 26 in the first half, setting a new season high. Sure, he only scored five the rest of the game, but still — Carlos Boozer getting cheered in Chicago is worth a mention on a blog.

Not so much: All of the Spurs, for blowing a 14-point halftime lead in just seven minutes. While it is pretty funny to see Skeets keep losing Book Off bets in hilarious ways, come on guys.

More of this guy: Chandler Parsons, who didn’t haze you during your frat initiation, is Mr. Tip Dunks now.

No nuts on the neck, but still pretty impressive Inspector Gadget arm action right there.

Did you hear it?: Back when the Heat were losing, LeBron James made a free throw and the AmericanAirlines Arena went bonkers. Sarcastically. Good one, guys.

He’s still good: Steve Nash scored or assisted on 25 of the Suns’ 31 first quarter points. Don’t think he’s the problem in Phoenix.

That’s far: Danny Green has range.

When they were struggling for points, Spurs should have just ran the shot clock all the way down and let Danny Green take buzzer-beating threes every possession. Can’t believe Popovich didn’t call for a halfcourter. Total brain fart.

Miss Chris: In two games without Chris Paul, the Clippers have a 10-point win against the Nets and a 29-point loss against the Jazz. People may have been right to worry about his ability to stay healthy.

Worst birthday present ever: Whenever it’s my birthday, please don’t put my initials and age on the top of your head.

That’s a Cavs vice-chairman celebrating Dan Gilbert’s 50th birthday. Cool gift.

Other things: Drew Gooden had a nice one-handed oop that isn’t online because he plays for the Bucks … Jeff Foster is out for two weeks, which means he’ll probably have to pick up another couple shifts at the bank if he wants to keep enjoying his lifestyle … 10 points on 5-5 shooting, 11 rebounds and four blocks for Bismack Biyombo … Word to Semih Erden … Klay Thompson played against his brother last night (kind of — Mychel didn’t play) and I bet you didn’t even know he had a brother in the league