The best part of the Jazz blowing out the Clippers is that Jamaal Tinsley got a little time to show off. Welcome to the league, Courtney Fortson.


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  1. The Abuser is back, baby!

  2. Three-steppin’ like an all-star!

  3. This post inspired me to look for Tinsley mixes on youtube. It could have been much worse for Fortson.

  4. how about the fact that he took 5 steps…

  5. He was actually playing in the development league for a bit and he just wrecke people, maybe we will see Antoine Walker back as well.. Not

  6. Sweet travel! Tough to defend those

  7. Return of the Mac!

  8. I wish it was Danny Fortson

  9. That lady had no chance.

  10. The rasta dude was lost on the very first second when he thought granpa was gonna pass behind the back. That’s why they didn’t call the travel – the defender was beaten anyway.

  11. I was expecting a dustpan, or atleast a broom.

    I am teh disappointment in you TBJ

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