There’s only one way to settle this — an open car-jumping competition that any NBA player is free to enter. We’ll film the whole thing and make a flashy “Fast and Furious” kind of documentary about it. Loser has to leave the league for good.

Make it happen, David Stern. There’s nothing bad that could possibly happen.

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  1. Hell jumping over the front end of a car, like Blake did, isn’t even that hard. I already jumped over the front of a subcompact (read, small) car when I was like 16 and 5’8.

    As far as dunking at the same time (i could dunk, but no while jumping a car), that’s the tough part, obviously.

    But these are world-class athletes, I can’t believe no one can jump over the middle part of car and dunk it amongst NBA players. Having the balls to try it is a different matter though.

    • i never usually comment on online columns/blogs that i read. however, i have got to completely agree with BaraChat, the last paragraph especially.

  2. Blake will surely dunk over a bicycle and win the event! Just like he did at the All-Star!

  3. They’ve been doing it over concertibles waaaaaaay back :)

    But over a hardtop… That will take balls, yeah, and also a lot of kushiony mats all around, like the ones mascots use when dunking with the trampolines

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