Kevin Durant’s movie is a real thing, you guys. It’s called “Thunderstruck” — get it? — and it’s under production as we speak.

It’s so under production, in fact, that you could star in the movie, as long as you are interested in playing one of two roles. From a casting call for the movie:

STADIUM OFFICIAL – Male or Female. 25-50. This person stops Kevin Durant and the rest of the Thunder from taking the court for the second half.

SECURITY GUARD – Male or Female. The guard yells at Brian, who has ridden his bike into a restricted area at the basketball arena.

If I were picking one of those two characters, I’m going with “Stadium Official” so I get to talk to Kevin Durant for a little bit. Sorry Brian, but you’re not the NBA’s most likeable player and you need to stop riding your bike in professional sporting arenas. I don’t even know how you got that past security since it seems like something they’d stop at the door. Whatever.

But maybe those two roles aren’t good enough for you. Maybe you’re looking for something juicier to sink your teeth in to. Lucky for you, we got our hands on another casting call that has a lot more options if you’re planning to audition. Check these out:

NBA GM – Male. 40-75. The NBA GM builds a great team, makes great decisions and enjoys no one criticizing him for the mistakes he has made.

ANGRY PIANO PLAYER – Male or Female. 25-45. When Kevin Durant stops by, the angry piano player puts his name in a song while simultaneously hating the fact that he’s working at a mostly-empty Oklahoma City dueling pianos bar on a Tuesday night.

KENDRICK PERKINS – Male. 25-50. This person grimaces and scowls a lot. Pharaoh-ish goatee is a must.

STEAKHOUSE WAITER – Male or Female. 35-55. Tell great Oklahoman tales, describe steaks as “approaching the pinnacle of taste” whenever they are pretty tasty.

LIL’ NATE – Male. 8-30. Lil’ Nate has a very small role — basically just one line and a few seconds of screen time — but everyone loves him.

INTERNET GIRL – Female. 20-35. Handles product placement for, the Internet’s first source for breaking Oklahoma City Thunder news.

CHYSON TANDLER – Male. 20-30. Off-screen role. For a brief period, it seems as if Chyson Tandler will join the rest of the Thunder only to return to Charlotte.

CRAZY FAN – Male. 16-30. Villainous character who offers transportation and friendship to Kevin Durant and Brian even though they’re kind of nervous about it.

There are a lot of great roles out there, just waiting to be claimed. All you have to do is make your way to Norman, OK, and act your little heart out. Next thing you know, you’re onstage with Kevin Durant accepting an Oscar for Best Picture. Dare to dream.

(via Daily Thunder)