Exhibit A — Nazr Mohammed Airballs a Halfcourt Shot with 5 Seconds Remaining
This one is the worst because of the title. There’s no reason to shoot a halfcourt shot with five seconds left, unless you’re a crazy person. If you follow him on Twitter, you know Nazr is one of the most normal NBA guys, so this is just a silly play. A very solid for best worst shot of the night, considering it’s entirely unnecessary.

Exhibit B — Future All-Star Jason Maxiell Airballs a Free Throw
This one is probably the worst, so I won’t blame you for voting for it. But Jason Maxiell is a pretty bad free throw shooter — 56 percent for his career — so you can see how he’d end up airballing one every now and then, especially on the second night of a back-to-back in a shortened season. His legs are probably super tired. Excuses, excuses — it’s still an airballed free throw.

A couple of very solid choices here. You can’t really go wrong. Let’s hear your vote in the comments.

Comments (7)

  1. Maxiell’s legs are super tired not from the schedule but from doing squats everytime he shoots FT.

  2. I was waiting for Mo Pete to catch that Nazr airball and swish it for 3…’ONIONS BABY ONIONS!’

  3. Here in DC, we call what Maxiell did “pulling a Vesely.”

  4. Considering Nazr Mohammed’s long range skills and time left on the clock, it would be pretty sweet if he swished that one. Also, there’s a reason why the word “future” is placed in front of “All Star Jason Maxiell”.

  5. Maxiell, because he looked so damn embarrassed

  6. That Maxiell air ball was the exact moment I knew the Pistons were going to lose last night. Allowing them to chip a double digit lead down to single digits was bad, but the game was still winnable. Soon as that shot got nothing but air it was over and just another night for the should have been Las Vegas Gamblers.

  7. I would give Maxiell a pass because he only shoots 56% from the line, but WHY THE HELL DOES HE ONLY SHOOT 56% FROM THE LINE? Any lower and they’ll stop calling the “free” throws.

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