Exhibit A — Nazr Mohammed Airballs a Halfcourt Shot with 5 Seconds Remaining
This one is the worst because of the title. There’s no reason to shoot a halfcourt shot with five seconds left, unless you’re a crazy person. If you follow him on Twitter, you know Nazr is one of the most normal NBA guys, so this is just a silly play. A very solid for best worst shot of the night, considering it’s entirely unnecessary.

Exhibit B — Future All-Star Jason Maxiell Airballs a Free Throw
This one is probably the worst, so I won’t blame you for voting for it. But Jason Maxiell is a pretty bad free throw shooter — 56 percent for his career — so you can see how he’d end up airballing one every now and then, especially on the second night of a back-to-back in a shortened season. His legs are probably super tired. Excuses, excuses — it’s still an airballed free throw.

A couple of very solid choices here. You can’t really go wrong. Let’s hear your vote in the comments.