On today’s live episode of “The Fix,” Skeets and Tas breakdown one of the most exciting NBA nights in recent memory. Topics discussed include: Andre Miller and soil erosion, Nene’s quiet 20-14, if Evan Turner is the new Brandon Roy, the Knicks true savior (Steve Nash, Baron Davis or Jorts?), Amare’s defense, the terribly underrated Tony Parker, Dirk’s banged up body, and why John Wall will never not do the dishes again. (He’s my roommate, you see.) All that, plus an American with “maple moxie,” Super Spike V’Ball, and a fantastic “Wanker of the Week.”

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Comments (26)

  1. just stating the obvious- Andrea is so beautifully gorgeous

  2. Tired of the free Steve Nash stuff, even Steve said you have to be stupid to think you can just get traded to a contender.

  3. C’mon guys – Dallas at LA – two threes in the last 5secs. It was a good game. Should have gone over it or at least the last few secs. But we love you anyway :)

  4. If Nash goes to NY: D’antoni as a coach (almost a Phoenix reunion there), and we all remember the Nash-to-Amare-alley-oops, and Chandler is ooping with every good passer he’s playing with (CP3, J.Kidd), Melo needs a good passer so he can hit his jumpers, and the Knicks need a PG better than The Beard. Not saying NYK will win a championchip or anything, but that would’ve been pretty cool.

  5. Man i love the score, I watch it usually all day, everyday, for years and years, but you guys are losing it. Is this a joke ?

    Do you guys wanna hire someone who played Basketball his whole life and knows what basketball is? lol Ill make it instresting, Ill play these guys 2 on 1 Bball. These guys are defiantly good at studying notes though, BORING !!!!!

  6. Super Spike V’ball… fun times.

    I still have nightmares about the USSR team… I think there were tanks in the background.

  7. can you add the friday picks to the overdose ?

    not everyone uses twitter

    • The crappy thing about that is some people don’t listen to it on Friday – don’t want anything in the show to be dated. I think we’ll just continue using Twitter for our picks. You don’t have to actually own account to see our picks, just go to twitter.com/tasmelas or twitter.com/jeskeets to see all our tweets. We post it in the afternoon on Fridays.

  8. Skeets you are my hero for picking the Jazz! They are going to win and put you right back in competition with Tas for the book off payoff.

    GO JAZZ!!!

    Randy from Utah

    P.S. How you doin’ Andrea?

  9. Is Andrea single?

  10. Would anyone now the name of the song during the transition after the Facebook segment? Tks

  11. great show guys. i think the nuggets would be a better team if they started miller. he’s the better pg right now and in reality, lawson’s spark off the bench would look better than miller’s… spark? or just start both guys. i mean you talk about underrated with parker, andre miller may be the most underrated starting pg of all time. all he ever does is win and get teams into the playoffs.

  12. Tony Parker was a serious contender for MVP in Eurobasket this summer, in my (French) mind. Hard to contest the title to Navarro, but still.

    He always has been underrated in the NBA, but let’s remember he became the Finals MVP with a team where Tim Duncan usually gets the honors, quite impressive.

  13. @Skeets,
    How Leur can be top 5 rookie, if you guys names 5 rookies ahead of him? – Kemba, Irving, Ricky, Iman, Brooks.

  14. TBJ Director Andrea,

    How u

  15. +
    Kanter is 6-11, so he isn’t really under sized….

  16. Tas, for the 2nd show in a row you said, that Iman Shumpert was the 15th pick in the draft. He was the 17th.
    Get your facts straight please, you´re better than that.

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