Ballin: Other players had better lines, but Andre Miller was hilariously awesome to watch. Any time a guy who can’t shoot, can’t jump and can’t run goes for 28 points, 10 assists and eight rebounds, you have to give him a head nod. Plus, he made three threes for the first time since 2000. I was still in high school then, just to put things in perspective.

Not so much: All sense of logic, as the team with the best winning percentage in the league lost to the team with the worst winning percentage in the league. Nice one, Thunder. But it’s like Jamie Foxx says, “Any given Wednesday.”

Perfect end-game strat: This is exactly what you’re looking for in the last six seconds of a basketball game.

Sure, the Knicks didn’t have any timeouts left, so they couldn’t set anything up. Fine. But Mike D’Antoni had just called over all his players to the sideline to discuss what they should do when Steve Nash made his second free throw. If he told them to dribble haphazardly up the court and heave a long three off the side of the backboard, then that’s bad coaching.

Quizno’s tonight!: Flip Saunders after the Wizards’ surprising win over the Thunder: “No Subway today.”

First down: Just watch DeMarcus Cousins on this intentional miss by Danny Granger.

First and 10, going the other way.

Nice feet: Very bright shoes from Lance Stephenson.

Those are the Under Armour Micro G Bloodlines — Brandon Jennings’ signature shoe — in case you’re looking to get banana’d up.

Yin-yang: In every good there is some bad, or whatever that means. Don’t ask me. I just had it airbrushed on a t-shirt in sixth grade. Anyway, Jrue Holiday embodied that sentiment last night. First, he made an incredible move to give the Sixers a lead. Cool, cool. Very cool. But then he did this on the last possession of the game. Not as cool. Shoot the floater, bro.

Word aapp: Tony Parker went 8-for-11 in the fourth quarter and overtime, including starting the fourth by making his first seven shots. Pretty nice in a 2-point game.

Yikes: Amar’e Stoudemire went 7-22 last night, which is gross. Carmelo Anthony went 5-22 last night, which is worse.

Other things: This is a very weird interview with DeAndre Jordan. Lots of shirtless Blake Griffin though, if you’re in to that … Ladies love Chris MullinPretty Ricky, Tricky Ricky … The Sacramento Kings grabbed 30 offensive rebounds last night, which is probably part of the reason why the Pacers are 25th in defensive rebound rate … Rajon Rondo is Mr. Cool Hat. He should meet this lady … And Michael Beasley is Mr. Cool Jacket … Nic Batum took a finger to the eye, but didn’t break anything. That’s good, plus Tracy McGrady trims his fingernails, so everything is going to be fine