You have to pay very close attention, but at the :06 mark Glen Davis definitely pulls his shorts off which earns him what I am assuming is an automatic technical. I’ve pulled a screenshot for you to help make things a little more obvious.

Just guessing, but stuff like this might be why a grown-up, 26-year-old man can’t shake the “Big Baby” nickname.

(via Deadspin)

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  1. Wait, how do they go that whole clip WITHOUT talking about him pulling his pants down?! I can’t tell if that makes them more or less professional.

  2. An interesting way to protest a call by the baby. Much better than Blake Griffins hands-behind-head-disbelief over every call, ever. Mix it up a little, sure why not?

  3. In Big Baby’s defence… Where was the foul?

  4. That’s perfectly normal. If I feel that I am the victim of a bad call, it’s not uncommon for me to pull my shorts down and whip out my jammy. Maybe even swing it around a bit… It’s the most logical argument in this situation.

  5. Glen, it’s “Pull UP your pants and do the Urkel dance.” (shakes head)

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