We’ve already explained why Andre Iguodala should have made the NBA.com’s General Manager survey for “Best Perimeter Defender.” Iggy’s a beast on that end of the court. But now you can go ahead and add another name to the list: Quentin Richardson’s larynx. Seriously. Mark it down for “Defensive Body Part of the Year.”

/double-fisted head tap, followed by an overly enthusiastic clap

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  1. That’s hilarious. I’ve read David Robinson used to do that all the time in the Navy when people shot free throws. AFAIK that doesn’t happen very often in NBA games. Is it because there’s already a ton of noise or are there prohibitions against it?

  2. Ugh. If I was Dwight I would want out too.

  3. B.E.D. – Best Exterior Defender
    also: Sixth Man of the Year Award

  4. scumbag maneuver in my opinion

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