Ballin: Good gourd, LeBron James. 31 points, eight rebounds, eight assists, four steals and three blocks. He’s good at basketball.

Not so much: Jarrett Jack, just because he missed a free throw that would have put the Hornets up one with 18 seconds left. It was his second miss of the night, which is pretty weird coming from a guy who shoots 85 percent for his career. Fine rest of the night though.

Dunkski: Nice one, C.J. Miles.

I can still never tell if C.J. Miles is good, but I like to think he is.

Pun gun: Marv Albert after Metta World Peace ran over Mike Miller: “World Peace, not very peaceful … sorry.”

Pants talk: I was convinced New Orleans coach Monty Williams was wearing faded dad jeans last night, but I just checked some pictures and it turns out they’re light blue dress pants. Phew.

Not good: Until the 3:47 mark of overtime, the Hornets hadn’t had a lead since 2-0 in their January 16 game against the Trail Blazers. That’s 145 minutes and 2 seconds of trailing, or a little more than three straight games.

Cool clutch basket: This is a good way to win a game.

Also, “The Big Bear” is a great nickname. Let’s all call him that.

Other things: If anybody’s got video of the Eddy Curry tip dunk, holler at me … John Schuhmann ripping announcers with video of the terrible quotes? Yes, please … Dirk Nowitzki is “having trouble bending [his] knees,” which can’t be good … Here’s a bunch of Clippers bowling

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  1. Dallembert ran down the court looking like something out of Rocky after 12 rounds with the Russian! Did he scream anything when he got back to the bench?!

  2. I like Reggie Miller when he’s doing in-studio stuff, but my god he’s horrible as a color commentator.

  3. I just want to say I really like these Things of Note. They’re up early and they’re interesting.

  4. dang Samuel looked like he play for 60mins STRAight… wow

  5. After the Hornets missed their final shot in overtime, Dalembert decided to lie down on the court for a while. It was pretty funny, though I suppose it means he still needs to work on his conditioning (he was pretty fat coming into the season).

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