Ballin: Good gourd, LeBron James. 31 points, eight rebounds, eight assists, four steals and three blocks. He’s good at basketball.

Not so much: Jarrett Jack, just because he missed a free throw that would have put the Hornets up one with 18 seconds left. It was his second miss of the night, which is pretty weird coming from a guy who shoots 85 percent for his career. Fine rest of the night though.

Dunkski: Nice one, C.J. Miles.

I can still never tell if C.J. Miles is good, but I like to think he is.

Pun gun: Marv Albert after Metta World Peace ran over Mike Miller: “World Peace, not very peaceful … sorry.”

Pants talk: I was convinced New Orleans coach Monty Williams was wearing faded dad jeans last night, but I just checked some pictures and it turns out they’re light blue dress pants. Phew.

Not good: Until the 3:47 mark of overtime, the Hornets hadn’t had a lead since 2-0 in their January 16 game against the Trail Blazers. That’s 145 minutes and 2 seconds of trailing, or a little more than three straight games.

Cool clutch basket: This is a good way to win a game.

Also, “The Big Bear” is a great nickname. Let’s all call him that.

Other things: If anybody’s got video of the Eddy Curry tip dunk, holler at me … John Schuhmann ripping announcers with video of the terrible quotes? Yes, please … Dirk Nowitzki is “having trouble bending [his] knees,” which can’t be good … Here’s a bunch of Clippers bowling