Told you it was real. Drink it in. Enjoy it. Celebrate it.

Big ups to TBJ fan Oskar for documenting this incredible feat that actually happened and now we can relive forever and ever.

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  1. I’m happy for the guy. He looked way thinner last night then I remembered from when he was with the bulls and knicks. Curry getting to play was my favorite part of that game. Sometimes he was even rotating defensively last night! Hopefully he can work his way to more minutes.

  2. Also of note: LeBron having a seizure toward the beginning of the video.

  3. He barely touched the rim on that one. I wonder if he had forgotten about his weight loss, and the fact that it’s safe for him to hang on the rim for a moment now.

  4. Hey, TBJ fan Oscar…. you wathing NBA in 3D?? Coool! :)

    • Nope! haha – just League Pass Broadband. The 3D button is just tagging along. Haven’t quite figured out how to get rid of it yet.

  5. Heat’s Curry hurts the ring….I’m sorry.

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