On today’s live episode of “The Fix,” Skeets and Tas take you through their winners and losers of the NBA weekend. On the honor roll: Kevin Love’s buzzer beater, Pretty Tricky Ricky’s poise, the Bucks, and the Miami Heat’s ABA throwback jerseys. On the shit list: Referees Mike Callahan, Tony Brown, and Courtney Kirkland for missing George Hill’s kicked ball late vs. the Warriors, and those lowly New York Knicks. All that, plus pocket squares, Paul “Mutombo” Pierce, and Trey’s “Now-er Rankings.”

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  1. Yeah, the show is up a lot earlier than in the first couple of weeks. Now I can watch it while eating dinner.

    Well done, guys! Much appreciated.

  2. Didn’t mention Wiz as winners of the weekend, but they’re showing, even in losses, they won’t have the NBA’s worst record this year (that goes to the Cats, who I predicted on the Overdose on Friday).

  3. Back when the Carmelo trade happened, I thought it was a terrible idea for the Knicks. Not so much because Amare *has* to have the ball all the time, but because he thrives in a high-tempo offense and relies on having a competent point guard playing the pick and roll with him. When the offense runs through Carmelo, it slows down; he spends too much time with the ball and not enough time running plays. Maybe having Baron Davis in there will help Amare, but I thought the Knicks of the first half of last season were a better, more viable long-term team. They could have been what the Nuggets are right now; instead they’ve regressed horribly.

  4. Here’s a look at those Floridian warm-ups I was talking about.

  5. I haven’t heard the show yet but allow me to agree or disagree… those Floridian warm-ups are lame. No doubt concocted in a hush-hush discussion between Wade, James, and Bosh while they ate ice cream and said sweet words of encouragement to each other.

  6. One day a Nets game will get some love on the podcast…one day….

  7. This guy got the inaugural tweet on the Big Man Monitor. Thanks for helping me make history guys

  8. Maybe….tomorrow……

  9. @Tas, Clips do not care about the Timb’s pick no more,
    that is NO problem right now,

    I even dare to say they are happy with its declining value, makes them trade better

  10. “You should correct your team!” Snap!

    Marcin Gortat will come with his career night scoring 30 and grabbing 15 boards and Tas will lose another one to Skeets ;)

    PS Is it Jared Dudley standing behind the camera? :)

  11. Floridian jerseys are so sweet…

  12. Love how you guys have stepped up the production values, this year. I remember when you were just two guys recording from an apartment. Congrats.

  13. The Clippers don’t own Minnesota’s pick anymore. Went to New Orleans in the Chris Paul trade.

  14. Between the Big Man Monitor and the Monday Pun Day I would call this episode of the Fix a success.

  15. someone get that man a chair.

  16. Cameraman Mark slightly resembled a white Mike Redd.

  17. anyone else notice Rubio’s “screen” on Love’s game-winner? pretty much just wrestled Love’s defender. seriously smart move

  18. Loved BIG MAN Monitor and Now-er Ratings!!

  19. The Facebook “Thank You” segments have definitely added another layer of fun. Solid addition to what used to be kind of dead time. Given today’s Pun Gun theme, I look forward to seeing how this evolves.

  20. I’m a Milwaukee native and bucks fan. Just wanna say thanks to Skeets for giving our team a lil love on the show today. I also wanna point out that while Jennings is pretty damn bad at getting to the line he did make a career high 12 freebys on 13 attempts in Miami

  21. Kevin Love – shhprooving!!

  22. He was offered a contract that might have been too low, he bought tickets for an extra Wolves game for people that has showed up..

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